Can We Trust Surveillance Videos?

Today Americans rely on the accuracy of video recordings to reveal what really happened in a situation, especially given the news headlines over the last few years involving very controversial shootings and deaths.   In fact, these videos are our last resort in determining what happened in various types of incidents if video footage is available.

In the Kenneka Jenkins case, Crowne Plaza hotel surveillance video was critical to determining her last actions that led up to her being found dead in the Crowne Plaza hotel freezer in Rosemont, Illinois.  According to the police, the Crowne Plaza hotel turned over raw video surveillance footage to the police department.  This was the same surveillance video footage released to the public via main stream news outlets.

Both Tereasa Martin and the Rosemont police department based their decisions regarding Kenneka Jenkins on these surveillance videos.

The American people rely on video footage, when available, to help insure justice is served and each person is treated equally under law regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, and age.

The question I have for the Rosemont police is, “Are you aware that the Crowne Plaza hotel tampered with the surveillance video and called it “raw” before giving it to you for use in your investigation? “


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