Accessories After the Fact: Trayvon Martin Murder

*“The book tackles a prevalent, dangerous topic: institutional racism… Public interest in the case, and the prevalence of similar stories make this book a timely part of the discussion….” Judge, 2nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards (Reviewed Only)

Book Price: Do something to create greater equality and justice for all humans.  This book was birthed from pain and tragedy.  What made me write this book?  

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I am giving Accessories After the Fact: The Trayvon Martin Murder Cover-Up ebook to those of you who want to work toward true equality.

Why? I want everyone to know the facts and use it to make our criminal justice system truly just during our lifetime NOT 50 years from now but RIGHT NOW! This reason and holding those accountable for covering up his murder are the primary reasons for researching and writing this book.

This is my contribution to moving our people closer to equal treatment under the law and a way for me to honor those nameless blacks who have come before me in the pursuit of equality and justice. So many black Americans before me have done so much to move us toward justice and equality and yet remain unknown because whites decided not to include them in American history or decided to erase any memory of them or the progress that was made.

If you prefer a hard copy, it will be available to order from Createspace in a few days. Article on Book Content

  • Independently verifiable facts and evidence show that Trayvon Martin’s killing was unprovoked first degree murder that was covered up by the cops and the State of Florida.
  • Trayvon Martin, an innocent, unarmed, young, black male who had just turned 17,  was racially profiled and murdered by George Zimmerman
  • A corrupt law enforcer was involved in his murder
  • Prejudice and institutional racism from cops and prosecutors prevented justice for this murdered child.

Interview on my e-book State of Florida v. Trayvon Martin (Accessories After the Fact is an updated version of this book)