Hold Law Enforcers Accountable

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George Zimmerman is called the most hated man in America, but the peoples’ anger is misplaced.  Black males kill black males for much less than Zimmerman did.  Black males are killing each other over shoes!  Killing and murders occur for different types of reasons such as racism, jealousy, rage, greed, hatred, mental disorders, control, etc.  We will always have murderers in our country and they need to be dealt with accordingly.  It is when they are not dealt with accordingly that the critical problem arises.

With the Zimmerman case, this is where the problem lies.  The law enforcers (prosecutors and police) are the problem!  Law enforcers covered up George Zimmerman’s first degree murder of Trayvon Martin, a completely innocent child.  They had the facts and evidence to show first degree murder, but they withheld it.  They could have won the case without Rachel Jeantel’s testimony!   They lied to you!  They made you think there was not enough evidence to convict Zimmerman.  They betrayed the public trust!  In fact, they treated you like you were idiots!  This is where the outrage belongs.

If you do nothing about this, this sends a message to them saying it is okay for them to abuse your trust.  These same law enforcers continue to have the power and authority to determine the fate of more black males more than Zimmerman ever could.  The criminal justice system can not be trusted when it comes to black males.  Just like we want the bad guys off the street, we want the bad prosecutors and police locked up too!

We expect a murderer to lie about what happened to protect himself, but it is the responsibility of the law enforcers to see through that lie and get to the truth.  The law enforcers saw through Zimmerman’s lies but protected him anyway.  Where is the outrage?  There is nothing stopping these law enforcers from continuing to do the same thing because none have been held accountable.  Instead they have been given the green light to continue and this is why every black mother and father feels fear each time their black children steps outside the house.

Is it that people of color feel powerless to hold law enforcers accountable so they instead place all of their outrage on Zimmerman?  There is no longer a need to feel powerless anymore.  You can call law enforcers to the carpet for their protection of a murderer who killed an innocent child.  You have the information or facts to do so.  The only question is will you?

Read State of Florida v. Trayvon Martin (A Murder Cover-Up & Obtaining Justice) to discover exactly how Trayvon’s murder was covered up and how the case was thrown to protect Zimmerman.

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