Get Justice for Kenneka Jenkins!



Identify those involved in the cover-up of Kenneka Jenkins!  Their photos are in the ebook.  Help solve this crime!  The police will not!

This specific ebook is not for sale! It is FREE!
Use it to get Justice for Kenneka Justice!
Get Justice for Kenneka Jenkins!

*This ebook was meant for use with videos, but YouTube closed my account.*

I have an unverified eyewitness statement of one of three people confessing to raping Kenneka.  I do not expect the police to be truthful and if you are relying on the police to verify a crime concerning Kenneka Jenkins, you will not get it unless there is a massive amount of pressure put on them to be truthful and enforce the law.

Many have tried to discredit me because I will not tell them the source of my information.  This is sad since these are the same people claiming to seek justice for Kenneka!