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There are so many concerns in our world such as our environmental health, our food and water,  social justice, the nurture of our children,  how we treat animals, and a corporate owned government.  My goals are to help create a better world in these areas.  It will take most of us to accomplish this.  The quality of our lives and the lives of those coming after us depends  on how well we take care of ourselves.

In this effort, my first project was to write an  ebook about the police and State of Florida covering up George Zimmerman’s murder of Trayvon Martin.  My book is called State of Florida v. Trayvon Martin (A Murder Cover-Up & Obtaining Justice).  My goal is to help end institutional racism.



We have a right to know what we are putting into our bodies.  Demand GMO (genetically modified organism) food labeling.  Much of the corn that we eat is genetically modified and many other products.  We still do not know the health effects of these changes.  You cannot rely on the seller’s claims.
Visit The NON-GMO Project for more information.



Did you know that alcohol does more harm to society than crack or heroin?  This means, if crack and heroin are illegal due to the harm they do to society, then alcohol consumption should be illegal too. On the other hand, heroin, crack, and crystal meth are more harmful to the individual.
Look at research showing these findings. and Learn About Alcohol for more information.




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