Monthly Archives: January 2017

The Failure of Black Lives Matter and What You Can Do Now
Let me state up front: Nothing good comes from: Insulting people, especially police officers. Bullying, including snatching microphones from those who are [...]
My Breast Cancer Journey Part One
Early last year, I was diagnosed with invasive triple negative breast cancer which is a very aggressive form of breast cancer. I am currently undergoing [...]
Government Sitting on Money Provided for Flint Water Crisis Residents!
Flint residents are told there is no money to replace the lead service lines as late as January 2017. This is incorrect. Government does not care about the [...]
Hating on Black Celebrities Working with Trump
It is disgusting to see prominent black people trying to control and punish other prominent black people for working with or speaking with Donald Trump.  [...]
Republicans Don’t Be Anti-Christs
A Message to Republicans in the Name of the Bible Old and New Testament: Duty to Help Those You Were Selected to Represent: You Are Your Brothers’ [...]
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