Dead Girl Found in Hotel Freezer: Get the Book!

A Horrific True Crime

Identify those involved in the cover-up of Kenneka Jenkins! Their photos are in the e-book and a rape confession as well which states one of the rapists is a Crowne Plaza Hotel employee. Crowne Plaza Hotel doctored videos to obstruct justice!

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“Kenneka Jenkins was a 19-year old Chicago African-American woman who attended a party at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Ill near Chicago on September 8, 2017 in the late night and went missing in the early morning of September 9, 2017 according to her friends who attended the party with her.  She was later found deceased in a kitchen freezer at the hotel.  Much speculation surrounds how she found her way to the kitchen and if she had been drugged.  This book delves into this matter and reveals how Crowne Plaza Hotel and the Rosemont Police Department covered up her cause of death.  Just over a month later, the Rosemont police ruled her death accidental and refused the FBI to get involved despite protesters and family members requesting it.”



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