Greg Gunn and Trayvon Martin
The shooting of Greg Gunn has had a special impact on me. Not just because he was a black male and lived in Alabama as I do but because his circumstances [...]
What is the Best Strategy for the Flint Water Crisis
I was exposed to poisoned drinking water when I was little.  I grew up in Detroit, Michigan.  Thus, the Flint, Michigan Water Crisis has a special impact [...]
Healing From Heavy Metal Poisoning
When I was a teenager, I was exposed to heavy metals in drinking water.  I did not know at the time. It wasn’t until I became an adult and had health [...]
Flint Water Crisis
Don’t get sidetracked!  Switching to Flint River water is not the problem.  Failure to properly treat the water before distribution is the problem! [...]
Jordan Davis Family Wrong about Verdict
The Jordan Davis Family is Wrong about the Michael Dunn Verdict. After the verdict of guilty of first degree murder was determined for Michael Dunn, the [...]
The Problem With Karma
The problem with karma is there is no such thing as karma. However, a belief in karma is useful for those who feel powerless to bring about the change they [...]
Reducing Crime
For those in crime ridden neighborhoods, work with the cops and find out the type of crimes that are an issue and address those specifically.   If you [...]
How to Stop the Killing OF Blacks!
According to David Banner, rapper, producer, and activist, whites have two weaknesses: money and fear itself.  Disrupt either of these and you will have [...]
Is Abortion Okay?
The short answer is YES! Some people may tell you it is wrong to have an abortion, but remember this is THEIR belief.  They may have different reasons for [...]
Trayvon Martin Abandoned
It appears the official change in focus came when the foundation dropped the word “justice” from its foundation name on November 4, 2013. The [...]
Justice for Black Boys
  President Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder Turned Their Backs on Us Obama and Eric Holder said they would do a thorough investigation [...]
Institutional Racism Must End
George Zimmerman is called the most hated man in America, but the peoples’ anger is misplaced.  Zimmerman murdered out of hatred for what Trayvon [...]
Obama Betrayed Young Black Males
  In his speech Obama said: ” …When I think about this boy [Trayvon Martin], I think about my own kids and I think every parent in America [...]
Why God? Why Did This Happen?
This is not an easy writing for me because what I will say will be foreign to so many people and it will challenge the beliefs taught by many religions.  [...]
Blacks Won the Battle & Lost the War
The Civil Rights Movement brought us the opportunity to sit with whites on the bus and in the restaurant. However, it failed to address the racism which [...]
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