White Lies
How did George Zimmerman go free after murdering Trayvon Martin?  The State of Florida v. George Zimmerman trial was really The Government versus Black [...]
Racism from a White Perspective
Do white people fear blacks? Do white people fear blacks because white people believe that if blacks treated them the same way whites have treated blacks, [...]
Rise and Fall of Black Self-Esteem
Photo Source The Black Power Movement was a time when lower class and lower middle class black people recognized their self-worth and were willing to fight [...]
Slavery Worse Than Rape
  Think of your daughter being raped. Think about the pain and agony to her as a result. Think about the loss of trust and fear that develops in her. [...]
Uncaring & Selfish People in Power
  Uncaring and Selfish People in Power are Public Enemy No. 1. Psychopaths love positions of authority and power. They will seek it out like their [...]
Is Rachel Jeantel to blame for Zimmerman’s Acquittal?
No!  Jeantel told the truth regarding her conversation with Trayvon Martin on the phone and what she heard when Martin was attacked.    However, the [...]
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