The Black Man and the Pit Bull

Pitbull-dog-pitbull-wallpapers-pictures-new-fresh-images-of-pitbull-dog-free-downloadIn the eyes of many, the black man is like a pit bull. He does not have to attack you, but the threat and fear is there–always! He is viewed as a danger to humans and this danger is a part of his genetic make-up. Thus, he should never be allowed to roam free on the streets or be around women or children. All of this is incorrect of course, but perception is reality for people.

This perception must be challenged and changed. The truth is that the black man is an oppressed man. His manhood is challenged everyday and he is often denied equal rights to non-blacks. He has an invisible foot on his back that he must fight to get off of him everyday.

We have always been in a state of crisis.  The denial of justice for the innocent, black boy Trayvon Martin and the murder of Eric Garner by police scream for us to make drastic changes for ourselves.  Before Eric Garner was murdered in broad daylight in public by a police officer he insisted the mistreatment “stops today!”  It stopped for Eric Garner, but must the price be death?  I say no!

I recommend every black family to send their black boys to someplace/organization/group where they will  learn and develop a firm foundation about who they are, find the support they need to navigate this racist world and build and maintain high self-esteem and a strong self-image. Let me be clear.  It is time for such organizations to step up and out in full force.  Canvass the streets and go door to door if you must.

I do realize that black people must be able to require respect from non-blacks if we are to achieve equality. This is difficult to do when you are too dependent on non-blacks. Right now in America, blacks are too dependent on non-blacks.  We are too dependent on them to:

-treat us fairly

-employ us

-house us

-feed us

Only we can change this.  We must harness whatever power we have to require what we need and want.