Kenneka Jenkins Dead in Hotel Freezer

Identify those involved in the cover-up of Kenneka Jenkins!  Their photos are in the e-book and a rape confession as well which states one of the rapists is a Crowne Plaza Hotel employee. 

Very thin chance Kenneka Jenkins will get justice because her mother blocked it! 

This crime is the greatest con game of the century where the hotel was the mark and Kenneka was the sacrifice. The mother played and used everyone who got involved to help her! Kenneka Jenkins’s mother says it is her daughter in the surveillance videos on Sept. 15 2017, just 6 days after her daughter’s death. This is a lie. Thus, I believe she played a role in her daughter dying and is now covering it up because the point of it all was to get money for negligence.

I don’t think Kenneka will get justice. Her own mother sacrificed her for money! The hotel has too much to lose if it came out that an employee raped Kenneka! This crime cover-up involves crooked masons involved in drug, human, and organ trafficking, the hotel, and high level gang leaders.

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