Ms. Hunter Wrongly Convicted

How do you say R-A-I-L-R-O-A-D-E-D!

There is no evidence supporting the crime prosecutors charged Ms. Hunter. She is wrongly convicted.

Why She was Wrongly Convicted

Prosecutors got away with this because the prosecutor’s office has a vendetta against Ms. Hunter since she won the 2010 election as juvenile court judge. Her opponent Jack Williams is a Republican and republicans controlled the court system until Ms. Hunter won that coveted seat. When Ms. Hunter beat Mr. Williams, the war was on. The Republicans lost that judge’s seat for the first time, and the judge who sat in that seat had decision authority on how to spend $30 million.

You don’t have to be a black person who has been killed before justice is blocked. You can be alive and railroaded just the same like Ms. Hunter. The decision was made by the prosecutor’s office and the court judges to find Ms. Hunter guilty before she was tried in court. Thus, there is no way she could avoid conviction.

When you are convicted of a crime, it does not mean you committed it. No documents were ever produced to prove Ms. Hunter committed the crime she was accused of and her brother’s lawyer testified that he never received any documents suggestive of Ms. Hunter committing such a crime.
When you have done nothing wrong, there is no need for remorse.

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