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Subject line:  Activist, writer, and  researcher provides supporting evidence showing institutional racism, racial profiling, racial hatred, and a murder cover-up involving the killing of Trayvon Benjamin Martin.

In-depth fact-based research on Trayvon Martin killing points to first degree murder, murder cover-up by law enforcement, racial profiling, institutional racism, and a hate crime.



Gina McGill, researcher, writer and activist has written a fact based book about the death of African-American teenager Trayvon Benjamin Martin that occurred on February 26, 2012 in Sanford, Florida and the response of the criminal justice system towards his killer. The book shows law enforcement knew George Zimmerman confronted Trayvon Martin and that Trayvon Martin was not on the ground (straddling Zimmerman) when shot.  It shows that only about one percent of what Zimmerman said happened actually happened.  The findings indicate first degree murder with a cover-up by police and the prosecution team. The book is called Accessories After the Fact: The Trayvon Martin Murder Cover-Up and has a tentative release date of February 2016.

“Trayvon’s cries for help went unanswered. Each of us can do something to help prevent another child like Trayvon Martin from having to call for help.” says McGill.

Gina McGill made it her mission to uncover what happened to Trayvon Martin in an attempt to obtain some type of justice for him and provide research to help dismantle institutional racism and end racial profiling. She believes all African-American boys are less safe now and their parents live in fear each time their children leave the comfort of their homes. No one should have to live with such fear and feel so helpless! The law enforcers protected a man who racially profiled and committed a hate crime against an innocent child and murdered him. Her book facts come from police records and legal documents. Ms. McGill hopes to raise enough proceeds from the sell of her book to build a memorial in remembrance of all innocent African-Americans whom were murdered by non-blacks as well as due to black-on-black crime.

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