Uncaring & Selfish People in Power



Uncaring and Selfish People in Power are Public Enemy No. 1.

Psychopaths love positions of authority and power. They will seek it out like their last breath depended on it. Psychopaths are either born that way or made that way from abuse. Psychopaths are not crazy.   They know exactly what they are doing and are in control and most do not act out violently. However, they lack a conscience and do not possess empathy. On the other hand, they are excellent actors. They can pretend to be genuinely nice, trusting, charming and caring. Unfortunately, many corporations seek out psychopaths since they know psychopaths will do whatever it takes to increase profits. Damn how people or the environment will be affected. Psychopaths do not think of the health and safety of people or the environment when making decisions.

Conservatives tend to be selfish.  They don’t believe in offering a helping hand to those less fortunate and in need of aid.   They also don’t want to intervene in protecting our environment from polluters.   This is seen through the decisions they make and the effects of those decisions. Read an excellent example of this in a past president of the United States.

These two groups neither care about you and your health nor the environment you depend on for air, water, and food. This is why it gets harder and harder for you to make a living, enjoy good health, and live with little stress and uncertainty. When you see clearly that such people in power do not give a damn about you, then you are able to choose differently and keep such people from getting into positions that will make your life worse! Forget what these people say. Look at what they do and the effects of their actions on people and the environment. A con artist always talks a good game or else he could not get what he wants at the expense of others. However, once you figure out you were conned, it is too late. The damage has been done. Don’t let these people con you out of living a good and happy life. Don’t become their victim. See them for who they are. They are people whose actions must be monitored and controlled or else they will cause much damage and harm. It is like having to discipline and be responsible for a little children who have not learned to care about others or care about the consequences of their actions