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  • Rachel Jeantel’s testimony was NOT needed to win a murder conviction against Zimmerman!
  • Prosecutors withheld damning evidence of Zimmerman’s guilt of murder!
  • The murder cover-up occurred due to a biased view against black males!
  • Local, state, and federal level law enforcement aided the cover-up!
  • A federal level law enforcer was with Zimmerman the night Trayvon Martin was murdered!


This description of events is based on facts.

It’s Sunday, February 26, 2012.  The All-Star game is due to start at 7:30 pm.  The sun goes down around 6:30 p.m. and it’s raining in Sanford, Florida.  Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant are among the Western Conference team.  Dwayne Wade and LeBron James are part of the Eastern Conference team.  The 7:30 p.m. timing is perfect.  This game is extra special for the residents.  Orlando, Florida, is hosting the event and is less than an hour’s drive from Sanford.  Most people are at home just having finished dinner.  It’s a Sunday so the kids do not have homework.   The kids as well as adults are eager to watch the game.  Their homes are full of activity and excitement as everyone readies himself with snacks and drinks.Trayvon Martin is an African-American kid who has just turned 17 years old this month and is visiting his father at the Retreat at Twin Lakes.   He is one of those kids excited to watch the game.  His father’s girlfriend’s son wants some snacks so Trayvon walks to the Seven-Eleven about a mile away to buy some Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea.  It’s chilly outside, around 61 degrees.  He wears a hoodie and pants to keep warm.  As he leaves the store it starts to rain, and he decides to run back to where he is staying.  He will need to run almost a mile.  However, Trayvon Benjamin Martin will not see the All-Star game.  He will not see Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade this night.  His friend will not receive his snacks because Trayvon Benjamin Martin won’t make it home.  In fact, he will never see the light of day again.

Trayvon runs but the down pour is more than he can bear.  He decides to cut through another complex as a shortcut and finds shelter at the mailbox area.  He asks his friend how much time until the All-Star game comes on.  Trayvon does not want to miss it.  He notices a strange man on his cell phone staring at him from his car.   He feels uncomfortable and leaves the mailbox area.  Trayvon puts on his hoodie since it is raining lightly.  The man follows behind him.  Jeantel kids Martin and tells him that the man is a pervert and might rape him.  Martin chuckles.  People are awake all around him in their homes.  Besides, he can run and hide, knock on someone’s door, or yell for help if necessary.  Someone will let him in or come to his aid he believes.  However, he tells Jeantel he will try to lose the man as he walks toward where he is staying.

After Trayvon arrives at the Retreat at Twin Lakes where he is staying, a man named George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman, dials the non-emergency police dispatcher and reports Martin as a “suspicious” person.  He tells the dispatcher there have been many burglaries at the complex.  He tells the operator the boy is coming to check him out and has something in his waistband.

Trayvon tells Jeantel the man in the car found him.  Trayvon does not think his life is in danger, but he is puzzled and worried about being followed.  Besides, it is Sunday and early.  People are home and awake as he can see lights shining through windows.  Some are in their kitchens finishing up the dishes while others have planted themselves in front of the television watching the pre-game events.  Outside, however, for Martin there is no such comfort.  There is no warmth.  No loved ones are around.  He is surrounded by people yet he is all alone, in great danger, and does not realize it.  This dark and mysterious evening greets him at every step.

Jeantel becomes fearful for Martin and tells him several times to run away.   He does not want to run.  He is tired.  He had already tried to lose this person when he left the mail area at the other complex.  She finally convinces him to run.  Martin says he will take a short-cut and run behind the houses.  This helps him get out of the man’s view.

Zimmerman speaks to the dispatcher and says “these assholes always get away.”  A moment later, Trayvon starts running once he nears the clubhouse at the Retreat complex.  Zimmerman only sees a criminal running, not a child who is trying to get away from a man who has been following him.  He chases after Martin.  He calls Martin a fucking coon as he speaks to the dispatcher.  Trayvon manages to get out of Zimmerman’s line of sight by running behind some houses.  He stops running.  He does not know this man is on foot a short distance behind him.  Seconds later, he hears the man coming and hides.  Trayvon hopes the cover of night and the lack of lighting will protect him.  However, tonight the darkness will betray him.  This is the devil’s playground, and Trayvon is forced into a game of hide and seek.  Zimmerman is determined to find him and Trayvon’s penalty will be death.  Zimmerman has a flashlight and a gun.  This one will not get away.

Zimmerman tells the dispatcher that he is following Martin when asked, and the dispatcher tells him that he does not need to do that. He enters the darkness behind the houses, stops running, pulls out his gun, and loads a round in the chamber. He knows Martin is close by him. He could not have gotten far. He lowers his voice while speaking to the dispatcher so “the kid” can’t hear him.

Zimmerman agrees with the dispatcher to meet a policeman at a specific location, and suddenly he changes his mind. He wants to catch Martin and keep him from getting away. If he returns to his truck, Martin will surely get away. He knows Martin couldn’t have gotten far. He tells the dispatcher to have the police call him so that he can tell them his location. He is determined to find the boy. Trayvon is still hiding and trying not to make a sound and give away his location.

After a few minutes, Trayvon thinks the coast is clear. He comes out of hiding and walks toward where he is staying. He hopes he is now safe, but he lowers his voice as he speaks with his friend on the phone just in case the strange man is still around. He is breathing hard and is tired. He has not rested. His voice fills with fear as he begins to realize that he might be in danger. He tells his friend the strange man is following him again. The man walks quickly to catch up to Trayvon. She tells him to run. He says he does not need to run because he is near his father’s house. The strange man confronts him.

Trayvon asks the man why he is following him. The man does not identify himself to Martin. He does not tell him why he followed him and then ran after him. In an angry and authoritative voice, he demands to know why Trayvon is at the complex. Before Trayvon gets a chance to utter another word, the man attacks. Trayvon’s phone falls to the ground and the connection with his friend ends. Trayvon struggles to free himself and get away. He runs, but he is caught. Soon after, they tussle on the ground. Several seconds into the scuffle, Trayvon is on the ground injured. He moans in pain.

A little boy sees Martin lying on his side on the ground and believes he fell in the rain and injured his leg. He will go and help him. However, Martin’s fate is sealed. As the young boy prepares to go help him, his dog breaks free from the leash and he goes after it in the opposite direction. Once he gets his dog back on the leash, he will go and help this person who fell in the rain. He does not know this person is seconds from being murdered, and that his dog took him from death’s reach. Instead of one murder there could have been two. Zimmerman pulls Trayvon up from the ground onto his feet. He must decide what to do next. A resident looks out and asks someone if he is okay. The resident says he will call 911 and goes to do so.

He terrifies and threatens Trayvon by pointing his gun at hm. Trayvon begs this man for his life. The man does not let up. Trayvon starts yelling, “Hellppp mmmeeeeee!!” as loud as he possibly can. Those within hearing distance of the screams for help, freeze in place, not knowing whether to move right or left. Time stops for them. It is as if they have been forced into a chamber of torture filled with the stench of death and the desperation for life. The yells for help continue for 45 terrifying and torturing seconds.

Now, Zimmerman must make a decision. Will he allow Martin to yell for help until police arrive or will he shut him up–permanently? If Martin lives, he will tell the police this man attacked him, held him captive, and threatened to kill him at gunpoint. Zimmerman will need to explain why he held an unarmed kid who had not committed any crime at gunpoint as he begged for his life and screamed for help.

Does he face up to what he has just done and suffer the consequences? He must act quickly. He knows the police are on the way. The decision is made. He will execute Martin. Martin’s cries fall on Zimmerman’s deaf ears. He decides to shoot him in his heart to insure his death. He fires his gun, and the bullet lodges in Trayvon’s heart, the symbol of love, destroying it. Everyone who is dear to Trayvon runs through his mind within seconds, but he cannot say goodbye. He cannot tell his mother that he loves her or his father that he loves him. Trayvon grabs his chest as he falls to the ground. Zimmerman presses his hands down on Trayvon’s back pushing the remaining life out of him. Only the worms and blades of wet grass will hear Trayvon’s final whispers.

Zimmerman feels no remorse or guilt. It is like he killed a roach with a pesticide called homicide which always gets the job done. Zimmerman walks away from the warm but lifeless body of the boy who begged him not to kill him. He must think up a self-defense story. He hits himself on the back of his head with his gun to cause bleeding. He must have blood on his face and head for his self-defense tale. A neighbor comes outside. Zimmerman, unsure if he is bleeding, asks a neighbor if he is bleeding. The neighbor says yes. It is then that Zimmerman says the man was beating him and he had to defend himself.

When the police arrive and handcuff him, he asks someone to call his wife and he says, “Just tell her I shot someone.” He does not care that he murdered this child. Zimmerman saw in Trayvon Martin something that should not be, something that should not exist. It was his duty as the watchman to protect. Martin belonged in the Earth, not on top of it as far as he was concerned. Six feet under in a casket in total darkness with the maggots and worms. Zimmerman is satisfied. He has done his job and now the world is a safer place because of him.

The facts show that Trayvon Martin’s killing was unprovoked and a first degree murder. This is the purest case of racial injustice given that Trayvon Martin was innocent, did not attack Zimmerman, was racially profiled, and prevented justice due to institutional racism. To obtain facts used to recreate this event, see the book contents. Purchase State of Florida v. Trayvon Martin

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Note: This article is not about SYG. This video is used to help provide a visual for that night’s events only.



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