Trayvon Martin Detailed Investigation

E-book is $25.00 $19.99 (on sale)  $14.99 9(watermarked version).  It is a presentation of my investigative findings where I researched and analyzed 100s of documents, videos, and audios that took nearly a year to complete full time!  You can pay using the following options below.  Since my system is not automated, please allow up to 48 hours to receive your book.

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Writer's Digest Book Review: "The book tackles a prevalent, dangerous topic: institutional racism. The author clearly states that racism is the heart of the story of Trayvon Martin's murder and George Zimmerman's acquittal. Public interest in the case, and the prevalence of similar stories make this book a timely part of the discussion. The author's rage is understandable and yet is controlled and directed at solutions. The author's approach ... will equip those who agree with logic and reasoning, and it will encourage those who are unsure to see the racial undercurrents of American culture. The book includes numerous list, statistics, charts, conversations, legislation, and other elements that establish the claims, and modulate the pace of the book. The chapter "Where Do We Go from Here" is practical and combats the frustration and despair that come from facing the facts presented earlier in the book. The subtitle tells the author's point of view up front ... The table in the back matter presents evidence and concisely details the arguments of the book, making it easy to share the author's insights with others."

*Judge, 2nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards

* This review is based on my book State of Florida v. Trayvon Martin. I Am Trayvon Martin: Look What You Did to Me goes into deeper detail and explanation.

paypal (use the personal option)  or $CashApp $GinaMcGill, Face Book Messenger and Online Bill Payment system.  If use cashapp, I need your email address.


Trayvon Martin was an innocent, young, black male who George Zimmerman, the second most hated man in America after President Trump, shot in the heart and killed!  Zimmerman pursued Trayvon as Trayvon tried to make it home despite the police telling him not to follow Trayvon.  Zimmerman did this out of hatred and fear of young black males.  He saw them as thugs and burglars.  So, Trayvon was racially profiled and Zimmerman wanted to be the one to take him out!

Use the information, the anatomy of a cover-up, in the book to demand criminal justice reform, end institutional racial, end racial profiling, end bias, end stereotyping, and remove law enforcers who cover-up crimes.   

The painful birth of this book came from rage, hatred, heart break, devastation, and desire for revenge!  At times, I had to walk out the rage and hatred in a store parking lot, even in the dead of night!  The sleepless nights, crying spells, and desire for revenge were too many.  For nearly a year, I could not sleep soundly.  I had remembered the suffering and sacrifices of my elders and ancestors in order to complete this book.  I suffered greatly and went through hell, but no one could see it from the outside.  I had to show strength just to get to the finish line in writing the book!  Lord knows there were times where I wanted to quit.

I felt pushed, almost forced, to write this book.  I had no peace.  I could not get it or him off my mind.  If Trayvon Martin had not been murdered or if I didn’t care enough to speak out about it, I would not have heart break and I would not have felt I was losing my mind.   I would have avoided great suffering.   I had loss of appetite, crying spells, and warded off racist attacks. Being called monkey, nigger, bitch and other names certainly didn’t help.

If Trayvon Martin had not been murdered, this book would not exist.  This was the highest cost paid! He paid because he was black, a male, and young. He paid because of the bias, stereotyping and hatred. He paid due to the racial profiling. He paid due to Stand Your Ground. He paid due to ignorance and fear.  He paid due to institutional racism which is another way of saying racist people control and manage the work carried out in that institutions.

I began my Trayvon Martin justice journey in 2013.   Naively, I expected the people of America would see the injustice in the trial and not accept the verdict or at least make the law enforcers who covered up what happened go to prison.  The completion of the book, surprisingly, brought forth healing for myself.  I no longer felt I was losing my mind,  I could sleep at night, and a great deal of the pain and suffering had gone away.  I no longer felt hatred toward Zimmerman.  I feel angry about him taking a life he had no right to take and he should be punished.   

It hurt me deeply to realize if it were one of the children of those law enforcers, their child would have gotten justice.  This also hurt because they viewed Trayvon Martin, a black child, as less valuable than their own.  It was bias, racist, and unjust and it disturbed my spirit greatly.  I wanted to avenge Trayvon Martin.  His father could not.  Obama and Eric Holder did not.  Zimmerman remained free to continue to live his life while occasionally taunting those who care about Trayvon.  Trayvon Martin represented all young, black males who still experience bias, racial profiling, and stereotyping.

No one has my permission to sell my books.    I ask that for anyone wanting this e-book, direct them here so I can keep a count of how many people hear his voice.

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