About Gina McGill- Social Justice Advocate

GINA MCGILL is a former computer programmer and IT systems analyst.  Ms. McGill is an social justice advocate, investigative researcher, blogger, activist, writer, and published author.   She holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Wayne State University and master’s degree in environmental science from the University of Michigan.   Ms. McGill is a peer reviewed publish author on how to protect children from poisonous levels of lead and copper in drinking water in Michigan.

Ms. McGill wrote a 4th grade Afrocentric oriented science book. Ms. McGill received Naval recognition for a funeral honors program she created for deceased veterans.  She has written two books on Kenneka Jenkins, the girl found deceased in the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  Even as a teenager, Ms. McGill received state legislative recognition for her research work and graduated valedictorian in high school and cum laude in college.

Ms. McGill  has Tiger, her cat, enjoys  watching  criminal investigation programs  along with the court TV  shows.  Ms. McGill enjoys  discussing books  about psychic phenomenon, spirituality, and African and Black American history.  Ms. McGill is also a gamer.


Contact Information: ginamcgill@ginamcgill.com