Murder Cover-Up – Laquan McDonald

The police had the video showing 17-year old African-American Laquan McDonald being gunned down execution style as he walked away from police officers within hours of the incident! There was no immediate threat to an officer’s life. There was no need for self-defense since no officer was attacked!

Yet, the police lied about how McDonald died and allowed the cop who murdered him to remain free and receive pay for over a year! It was only by pressure from journalists and lawyers to have the video released that the truth finally came out and the murderer, Officer Jason Van Dyke, was charged with first degree murder! Fortunately, one judge ordered the release of the video.

All those participating in the cover-up are accessories after the fact. Who participated in the cover-up? What punishment should they receive and how can this type of cover-up be prevented going forward?

Who participated in the cover-up?

The officers who observed Van Dyke execute McDonald and remained silent

The person(s) who fabricated the false narrative of what happened the night McDonald was killed

The person(s) who decided not to charge Van Dyke with murder until after a forced video release

The person(s) who tampered with evidence

Members of the Independent Police Review Authority?

Any others?

What should the punishment be?

What is the punishment for accessories after the fact or accomplices? Let’s start here.

How is such a cover-up prevented going forward?

Some suggest an independent citizen review board

Any other suggestions?








Greg Gunn and Trayvon Martin

The shooting of Greg Gunn has had a special impact on me. Not just because he was a black male and lived in Alabama as I do but because his circumstances are similar to Trayvon Martin’s circumstances.

Gregory GunnTrayvon Martin
Walking home Walking home
Claimed to look suspiciousClaimed to look suspicious
Ran to get awayRan to get away
Yelled for helpYelled for help
Killed near homeKilled near residence
Was in fear for his lifeWas in fear for his life

This brings up some painful feelings for me. We cannot state with absolute certainty that the officer killed Greg Gunn because he was black. However, we can say with certainty that Greg Gunn was in fear for his life and not an immediate threat to the approaching police as he yelled for his 87 year-old mother to come open the door while he banged on her window and was shot dead!

Greg Gunn’s brother speaks about shooting

Gunn’s brother made some excellent points to help reduce the killings of unarmed black males. He asked that police who know the people in the community patrol the community. They will better know who looks suspicious or not.

This would be a perfect opportunity to train more black males living in that community to become patrolman for their own communities.


What is the Best Strategy for the Flint Water Crisis


I was exposed to poisoned drinking water when I was little.  I grew up in Detroit, Michigan.  Thus, the Flint, Michigan Water Crisis has a special impact on me.  I share my story via a link at the end of this post.

Everything has a cost. The government made cost decisions that hurt the people of Flint, Michigan by not caring about the quality and safety of the Flint drinking water residents were provided.   I am looking at cost decisions to help them!  What plan will provide Flint residents the highest quality and safe water for the longest period of time given the resources available?

The switch was made back to using the Detroit water.  My concern is with how best the aid Flint is receiving can be used for the residents?  These are some questions that need answering to avoid wasting the money and resources being made available to Flint residents.  If any government official avoids answering these, that is a red flag.  A cost feasibility study can be performed.

  • What can residents do to remove the poisoning from their bodies and will money be provided to them to do this?  If so, when will this occur?
  • Is the Flint tap water now safe to drink?  If not, why not and what will it take to get there?  Is bottled water only being provided because of loss of trust or the water is still unsafe to drink or both?
  • For how long and how much bottled water will be needed before residents can return to using Flint tap water?
  • Can the use of certain water filters make the Flint tap water safe to drink right now?  If not, why not?  If yes, would it be more cost-effective than providing bottled water?
  • Is it necessary to replace all of the residential lead service pipe lines before using Flint tap water again?  If no, in what ways can the water be safely used right now?
  • Are there other ways to treat the pipes without replacing them?
  • How long and how much will it cost to replace the service lines?  I read it would take about 15 years and $75 million.   Is this a correct estimate?

These are just a few of the questions.  It is important for every resident to know a realistic plan is in place and it is the best plan given the available resources.

By the way, I would not trust Gov. Synder to tie my shoelace let alone let him select a person to investigate his f**k up!

How I Healed from Heavy Metal Poisoning
Flint Water Crisis

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Healing From Heavy Metal Poisoning

When I was a teenager, I was exposed to heavy metals in drinking water.  I did not know at the time. It wasn’t until I became an adult and had health issues that I found out I had had a severe poisoning.  I was shocked, in disbelief.  I grew up in Detroit, Michigan.  So, when I learned about the exposure of the families in Flint to lead in drinking water, I could relate.

My next question was how do I get this stuff out of my system.  I will tell you what worked for me.  It was not a quick process.  It took at least a year or two for me, but I was diligent.  I had a choice.  I did not want to live the remainder of my life with worsening health problems due to the poisoning.

Interestingly, I did my graduate research paper on the Lead and Copper Rule, a federal requirement for water suppliers to control lead and copper in drinking water.

I did my research to help small water systems in the state of Michigan meet the requirements for protecting children from heavy metal poison when drinking water.  At this time, I was still not aware that I had been poisoned as a child.  It would not be until many years later that I would find out.   Here is a link to my research paper: Research Results

How I healed

First, I started to drink the purest water I could afford.  Next, I obtained items that would pull the chemicals out of my body, especially my brain.  I want to thank the  spiritual guides for giving me this information that allowed me to heal myself.

I purchased Chlorella,a freshwater algae, and a cilantro herbal extract.  I took a teaspoon of the chlorella with drinking water 30 minutes prior to taking the extract.  The chlorella is used to catch the heavy metals after they are released in the body.  I took at least 5-10 drops of the extract to cause the metals to release.  It was important the extract be of a certain strength.  The strength was 1:5 dry herb to menstruum.

I did this routine daily until I was healed.


Flint Water Crisis

Don’t get sidetracked!  Switching to Flint River water is not the problem.  Failure to properly treat the water before distribution is the problem!

The primary question is:

Why didn’t the Flint water plant treat the water so that it would not cause lead to be released in the water pipes?

Wait for it…… The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) (of all agencies!) told them they need not need to do so!!!  This department gives the final approval for the plant water to be released to residents.  I grew up in Detroit and I wanted to help prevent kids from being poisoned by the drinking water.  I did research back in 1993 on the Lead and Copper Rule to help small system water suppliers in the state of Michigan comply with this rule so as to prevent lead and copper poisoning to people.  My results were published in the Journal of Environmental Health.  Larger water suppliers like the city of Flint should have NEVER had this problem due to the resources they have at their disposal.

The MDEQ is required to have or obtain the expertise and competency to insure public drinking water is safe.  In fact, it is charged with that responsibility.  Those who work there are suppose to be selected and paid to insure this!  In other words, there are NO justifiable excuses.  The agency’s director and spokesman resigned, but they also need to be brought up on criminal charges.

MDEQ Admits Blame

However, the blame does not stop there.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also knew about the problem and did nothing!  In fact, one employee who did send an alert report about it was called a “rogue employee”!  The head of the regional EPA has resigned.

(Aside: Why aren’t these people being fired instead of being permitted to “resign”?)

Even the city of Flint itself lied on its certified documents concerning lead in drinking water!

Flint City Lied About Lead Findings

Thus, the bottom line is those charged with protecting the public from poisonous water did not value the people (adults and children) or care enough about them to do so.  This is leading from the city government level all the way up through the federal Environmental Protection Agency.  Unfortunately, those that dared to speak out about it were punished and ridiculed for doing so.  This happens when you have people in charge who don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves and their political colleagues.

Notice how many people and agencies with the expertise, responsibility, and authority to insure the safety of the drinking water chose not to act on the problem?  Too many.  This is a problem in itself.  This is why this should be criminal and those in authority who did not respond should be charged with a criminal act instead of just being permitted to resign!

How to prevent this from occurring again?  The only way to prevent this from occurring again is to insure you put people in positions of authority who actually give a damn about the people they are responsible for helping to protect.  This will be difficult to do since such folks are usually selected based on politics instead of who is best for the public interest.  We all need to become better human(e) beings.

Jordan Davis Family Wrong about Verdict

Jordan DavivThe Jordan Davis Family is Wrong about the Michael Dunn Verdict. After the verdict of guilty of first degree murder was determined for Michael Dunn, the Davis family spoke to the press.

“We are very grateful that justice has been served, justice not only for Jordan, but justice for Trayvon (Martin) and justice for all the nameless, faceless children and people that will never have a voice,” said Jordan’s mother. Sorry Mrs. Davis but you are wrong.

Zimmerman and those who protected him still walk free. This is true with other black boys who have been murdered. She did a disservice by lumping the rest of the black males into this one case. The murder of many black males does not bring justice by convicting one white male! Is one white male worth several black ones Ms. Davis? Also, her statement could persuade people to STOP seeking justice for the other black males whom have been murdered.

Realize that since Dunn was already facing 60 years, finding him guilty of first degree murder means little. Also, realize that since he already had 60 years, this was an opportunity for Florida prosecution to make itself look like it actually pursues justice for black males. Finally realize that this came right behind the Trayvon Martin trial so there was great pressure on Florida. If this had not been the case, I believe the outcome may have been different. Sorry Florida, you have a long record of bias against black males. Until you do right for each incident you are still accountable.

“I wanted Jacksonville to be a shining example that you can have a jury made up of mostly white people, white men, to be an example to the rest of the world to stop the discriminatory practices, stop discriminating, stop looking where we have to look at juries and say what the makeup of juries are,” said Jordan’s father.

First, Jacksonville is one of the worst cities when it comes to discrimination against black males. Second, the makeup of the jury does matter. Hopefully, it won’t bias the verdict outcome, but it DOES matter. Remember, Juror B37 in the George Zimmerman case? It also matters whom the prosecutor will be. What are their mindsets? Can and do they hold bias against black males or blacks in general. It definitely matters.

“We don’t have to look at if it’s the sheriff’s department,” said Mr Davis. Sorry Mr. Davis but you are wrong.

Not only do you have the cop or person who did wrong, in many cases you have law enforcement from the governor, state attorney, sheriff, and more backing him up when it comes to black males. They may let the public know this or they may hide it. So, you have to look at more than just “the person in the uniform”. For examples, see the Ferguson case for Michael Brown and the Trayvon Martin case. The people in Ferguson are angered over Darren Wilson’s crime, but law enforcement is supporting Wilson’s lies, so they are angry at law enforcement too. With George Zimmerman, the same thing occurred. Law enforcement supported him even though his story of what happened was impossible and evidence existed to confirm first degree murder.

Also, Mr. Davis did a disservice to protestors by lumping them in with the rioters. Rioters don’t care about protesting; they care about looting. To confuse the two is a disservice to protesters. Also, Mr. Davis added insult to injury by stating protesters were not “men” who can whether adversity. He did this when he assumed rioters to be protesters.

I am certain the Davis family meant well, but I wonder if thy were asked to say these things. Much of it is to calm the masses, but what they say is not true and works in favor of law enforcement.


The Problem With Karma

karmaThe problem with karma is there is no such thing as karma. However, a belief in karma is useful for those who feel powerless to bring about the change they want. When they are unable to do it, they believe the universe or some God will do it for them. It helps them sleep better at night to believe justice is a natural fabric of the universe. Well, it is not.

An unconditional loving God is neither vengeful or judging you by your actions. He already knows about human nature since he created us that way. We were given free will which means we can do anything horrific or most kind. It is up to us. So, if God does not punish and the universe does not ensure justice what is left? You are left. It has always been about you. Your free will, your choice, and your ability to make change. God is not like the fairy tale Santa who checks to see who has been naughty or nice.

This is why a criminal justice system run by humans exists. It exists to mete out punishment. God does not take up the slack. Otherwise, if karma was real, there would be no need for a criminal justice system. The person would get his just due in time because of karma.

So, why am I saying all of this? I am saying this because too many people give up responsibility or the ability to take action by falsely believing karma will settle the debt. Some could call it a cop out. Certainly, it is very hard to acknowledge that punishment does not naturally come to those who do wrong. To acknowledge such is like removing a security blanket.

Look at serial killers for example, they kill again and again and again and again and again and so on and so forth. ONLY if they are caught will they suffer punishment. This is why slavery existed for hundreds of years because there was no karma. It was economic struggles between the north and south that lead to the slave being freed.

Many like to believe that George Zimmerman will experience karma for not being found guilty. FALSE! The universe or God will not be punishing or paying back Zimmerman. It is completely up to us as a society to protect ourselves from people who perform evil actions against us. We have the responsibility and duty to ourselves and our children to make sure Zimmerman cannot harm another child. We have the responsibility and duty to make sure those in authority who covered up Zimmerman’s murder of Trayvon Martin are removed from their government positions and punished. It is ALL ultimately left up to us. If the Justice department refuses to fulfill its duties, then it is time to start replacing people (a lot of them).

If we as a people do not settle for less, then those in authority will have to fulfill their duties or get fired and perhaps punished if there was obstruction of justice. Life is risk. Speaking up is risk. Writing is risk. There is always risk in pursuing justice because evil despises justice and right action and truth. Evil takes from life that is why it is “live” spelled backwards. It is against life.


Reducing Crime

For those in crime ridden neighborhoods, work with the cops and find out the type of crimes that are an issue and address those specifically.   If you don’t have a neighborhood watch program, start one.  There are many resources available to help establish an effective watch program.  If you don’t want to patrol the streets, peek out your window, use your cell phone to message your neighbor down the street.  Be creative.  Take photos and record videos of incidents.  However, I do not advocate testifying against criminals if you have a fear for your safety unless the cops can fully protect you.  Too often people don’t speak up because they fear the criminals coming after them.  If not that criminal, then related gang members or other persons.  Cops must find a solution for this.

Studies have shown that crime in communities is tied to socio-economic level.  Improve the socio-economic level of those in the community and the crime drops.  It has nothing to do with one’s race other than black people tend to be on a lower socio-economic scale than non-blacks.  Thus, you will see more crime in such communities.



How to Stop the Killing OF Blacks!

According to David Banner, rapper, producer, and activist, whites have two weaknesses: money and fear itself.  Disrupt either of these and you will have some negotiating power.  Your other option, and this is coming from me, is to hope whites will become sympathetic to our cause and decide to stop the injustice we receive.  I personally don’t like putting my fate in the hands of another and hoping they will do the right thing.

Finances: Treat blacks equally or we will no longer give you our money, we will take away your money, and we will destroy your ability to make money. Remember how quickly some of the administrators at University of Missouri resigned when the football team threatened to not play a game which would result in the University losing at least one million dollars? Money has always talked!

Fear: Treat blacks equally or we will take revenge on white people for holding our people as chattel slaves for hundred of years,  for the discrimination we endure, and the ongoing killing of black people with no justice in sight.

Understand that white people believe a self-respecting person will take revenge for the way he has been treated.   They are not spiritual people.  White people know they would take revenge and work to overpower us if we had enslaved them.

Black America does not have the help of the motherland Africa in protecting us.  Africans don’t even run Africa.  Thus, they cannot threaten to cut off resources for the mistreatment of African-Americans.

There are two things I disagree with in his message though.

1) Laws will eliminate the killing of black Americans.  FALSE

If legislation is what we need, how do you legislate the Dept. of Justice from helping to cover-up a murder?

If legislation is what we need, how do you legislate a prosecutor from throwing a case?

If legislation is what we need, how do you legislate cops not murdering blacks in jail?

2)He said Zimmerman would be the sacrificial lamb.   FALSE

I hoped Zimmerman would be held accountable for murdering Trayvon Martin.  However, institutional racists did not care that America knew it was murder.  Zimmerman’s connections in law enforcement and the negative view Florida law enforcement has toward young, black males insured Zimmerman would go free.

[whohit]David Banner[/whohit]

Is Abortion Okay?

The short answer is YES!

Some people may tell you it is wrong to have an abortion, but remember this is THEIR belief.  They may have different reasons for believing it.  Some may say the Bible says it is wrong.  Others may give a different reason.  If  YOU believe it is wrong for whatever reason, then that is YOUR choice.  You are neither right nor are you wrong in that belief.  It is your opinion and your belief.  It fits for YOU and this is what YOU have chosen for YOU.  Realize that your opinion and your belief may not fit for the next person or that the next person may not share your opinion or your belief.  Be willing to respect this difference and allow it to be.

If you believe abortion is okay, then you are neither right or wrong.  This is just your opinion and your belief and it is OKAY.  No one has the right to tell you what to believe or to make you believe one way or another.  It is your right to choose for you as it is their right to choose for them.

No one has the right to dictate what a person can or cannot do with her body.  It is an individual matter.  No person created your body and no person owns your body.

If for whatever reason you do not want to be pregnant, you can abort the pregnancy.  Do not let anyone make you feel guilty for the choice you make.  Only you have the live with this choice and you know what is best for you.

On the flip side, abortion is not to be taken lightly either.  It should not be considered a regular option for birth control when other methods that don’t require terminating a life are available such as the pill, condom, IUD, etc.


Trayvon Martin Abandoned


It appears the official change in focus came when the foundation dropped the word “justice” from its foundation name on November 4, 2013. The Justice Department did not conclude its investigation into the case until 2015!

When the Foundation abandoned seeking Justice for Trayvon,

  • it abandoned the dismantling of institutional racism which allowed his murderer to go free.
  • it abandoned holding those who obstructed justice accountable for their actions.
  • it abandoned an opportunity to help end mass incarceration of black males by dismantling institutional racism.

I can’t think of anything more important than focusing on these three things to insure the family’s son’s death was not in vain.

As long as institutional racism continues to remain in place, mass incarceration will remain in place, obstruction of justice by law enforcers will remain in place, and there will continue to be young, black males who never receive justice. I think it is imperative that the Trayvon Martin Foundation change it focus. They have support and donation money. However, I have not been able to see a financial report. Has anyone been able to see any financial reports for the Trayvon Martin Foundation since its creation? Are any online?

There must be financial reports. Sybrina Fulton took a business approach to dealing with her son’s murder. Trayvon Martin was brutally murdered on February 26, 2012. Ms. Fulton created the foundation in March of 2012. Also as a parent of a murdered child, Sybrina Fulton pursued trademarks on Trayvon Martin’s name for various purposes.

  • Will the Trayvon Martin Foundation seek justice for Trayvon and all black males?
  • Will it seek to prevent other parent’s from facing institutional racism when their child goes into the criminal justice system?
  • Will it seek to remove those law enforcers who obstructed Trayvon’s justice so these people cannot obstruct justice of others?
  • Will it begin to dismantle institutional racism and impact mass incarceration?

I believe Trayvon Martin would want the foundation to seek justice for him and all young, black males. I believe he wants to see institutional racism in the criminal justice system ended. I believe those who donated their money, time, and actively protested for justice for Trayvon by pounding the pavement and spreading the word would like to see this happen as well. After all, isn’t this the ultimate goal?

Maybe no one at the foundation knows the facts that support a murder cover-up by law enforcement. This is possible since I saw Ms. Fulton and Trayvon’s father, Tracey Martin, on friendly terms with the law enforcers who covered up their son’s murder. Some people sleep with the enemy. In this case, they were standing with them. Maybe this is the reason they are not continuing to seek justice for their son and other black males. Maybe the woman who raised Trayvon, Alicia Stanley, could have kept everyone focused. Trayvon Martin lived with his father and Alicia Stanley, his former wife for most of his life. However, Alicia Stanley was not even permitted to sit in the front row at Trayvon’s funeral. It was like she never existed. Read Alicia’s story.

Maybe Ms. Fulton has been misguided and misdirected when it comes to dismantling institutional racism, the very thing that prevented justice for her son. After all, she is a victim of a corrupt criminal justice system as well. Perhaps she needs people around her whom will help her to work on ending institutional racism, ending mass incarceration, and holding those who obstructed justice for her son accountable. As long as law enforcers are not held accountable, they are free to continue to obstruct justice for other black males. The fact that the murderer of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, is walking about as free as the birds while her innocent son is in a casket six feet under, should be a sufficient and constant reminder of the needed work at hand.

Take action and help make a difference!

Read State of Florida v. Trayvon Martin and/or listen to the online audio presentations

All non-factual statements on this website are the opinion of the author.


Justice for Black Boys

Black Baby


President Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder Turned Their Backs on Us

Obama and Eric Holder said they would do a thorough investigation and get to the truth of what happened to Trayvon Martin. Did they keep their word? NO! Did they step in when it was proven that the Ferguson prosecutor was biased in favor of the cop during the grand jury hearing? NO! Did they insure justice was served for Kendrick Johnson? NO! Did they insure justice was served for Eric Garner? NO! Have they insured justice was achieve with other black males? NO! NO! NO! Is this right? NO! They gave you lip service in place of action. As a result, Obama and Holder helped obstruct justice also. Just because a person is black and in a powerful position does not mean he will do what is right for his people or people in general. Call Obama and Holder out on their failure to act to insure justice and not keeping their promise. See Obama, Holder, and Racial Jusitce.

Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Kendrick Johnson, Michael Brown, and Many Others

The 6 Baltimore cops involved in Freddie Gray’s death have been indicted. People are celebrating, but I say not so fast. Why? For one, the decision may be more about politics than the pursuit of justice in order to soothe the emotions and bring peace and quiet back to the city immediately. Secondly, the state prosecutor can still cover-up a murder during the trial and throw the case or insure defendants receive convictions that fall far short from the crime committed or no conviction at all. Also, never rely on an “independent” prosecutor to be more just than the regular prosecutor. They all work for the same system. People became hopeful when Zimmerman was charged. Yet, the decision on the outcome had been made even before the trial had begun.

From the Mouth of Babes

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin never attacked Zimmerman, but he cried for help while Zimmerman held him at gun point. Many heard him yelling for help, but none went to help him. Zimmerman silenced Trayvon forever by pulling a bullet through his heart, but I have done my best to speak for Trayvon and tell the truth of what happened to him. The police did not tell you. The prosecutor would not tell you. Have you given up on getting justice for Trayvon Martin? There is no time limit on doing the right thing. There is more work to be done on this. Expose law enforcement corruption/ cover-up and require justice until you obtain it. Call Obama and Holder out on their failure to act to insure justice and not keeping their promise. You have the facts supporting this. Law enforcement is able to get away with this because people have not confronted them with the facts showing a murder cover-up and thus obstruction of justice concerning Trayvon Martin!

Will you answer the call if you hear another child cry out for help? Hear the cry of help from our young black males in the streets. The child in the video says he will make it and he is not a statistic while the police stand lined up with guns ready to fire in the background. Will you help him to make it? He wants to make it. See Hold Law Enforcers Accountable in the sidebar.

Listen to a young black boy’s determination to survive!




© 2014-15 Gina McGill All rights reserved.


Institutional Racism Must End


George Zimmerman is called the most hated man in America, but the peoples’ anger is misplaced.  Zimmerman murdered out of hatred for what Trayvon represented to him.  People would have been satisfied if Zimmerman was convicted for murdering Trayvon Martin.  They would believe justice has been served.  However,  the Zimmerman case was not dealt with justly since law enforcers covered up the murder of Trayvon Martin, there is a murderer walking around the streets freely and a murdered innocent teenager, Trayvon Martin, lying six feet under because of him!

Institutional racism is the cause for this situation.  This is where the outrage belongs.  Use your outrage to end institutional racism that allowed Zimmerman to walk free so that no other murderers can walk away freely.  Unfortunately, we will always have murderers who murder for various reasons.  We cannot stop this.  However, we can stop those who protect them because such people have to answer to the American citizens.  There are police, judges, and prosecutors who are racist against black people and will protect a non-black person despite that person being guilty.  They will show preferential treatment to the non-black person.   As long as such people keep their jobs and are not held accountable for this injustice, they will continue to uphold institutional racism.  This is where my outrage lies.

Law enforcers covered up George Zimmerman’s first degree murder of Trayvon Martin.  They saw through Zimmerman’s lies but protected him anyway.  They had the facts and evidence, but they withheld it.  They lied to you!   They betrayed your trust in the criminal justice system.  They betrayed you!   This is where the outrage belongs.   See Trayvon’s Horrific Last Night Alive

These law enforcers continue to have the power and authority to determine the fate of more black males more than Zimmerman ever could.  The criminal justice system can not be trusted when it comes to black males.  Just like we want the bad guys off the street, we want the bad prosecutors, judges, and police locked up who put the bad guys back on the streets!

It is because of institutional racism that black people see that there is no justice for their children and thus nearly panic each time their black children leaves the house.  We do not have to continue to live in fear.


Obama Betrayed Young Black Males


Holder and Obama

In his speech Obama said:

” …When I think about this boy [Trayvon Martin], I think about my own kids and I think every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this and that everybody pulls together, federal, state and local, to find out exactly how this tragedy happened … My main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin. If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon. And I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness that it deserves and that we’re gonna get to the bottom of what happened.” (Bold added.)

Did Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder keep their word? NO! Hold them accountable. Call them on the carpet for allowing this murder cover-up. This may be your last chance to obtain far reaching justice for a long time to come! The facts show that Trayvon Martin’s killing was unprovoked and a first degree murder.

This is the purest case of racial injustice given that Trayvon Martin was innocent and did not attack Zimmerman. Also read Trayvon Martin’s Horrific Last Night Alive.

Obama and Holder are among the first for African Americans in the government positions they hold. My great disappointment is that they turned their backs on Trayvon Martin, black males, black people, and America as a whole. Why do I say this? These two men had one of the greatest opportunities to bring America to greater equality and racial justice and they turned their backs on that opportunity. This is where my issue lies.

Why did they turn their backs on this opportunity and on moving America closer to a model country for others to follow? I am sure the answers will be plenty and varied. One reason is institutional racism and their fear of troubling the waters as it could mean career suicide along with ending their power and privilege. Are Obama’s and Holder’s careers, power, and privilege more important than obtaining justice for young black males and blacks in general? I say hell no! What do you say?

Hold them accountable. Call them on the carpet for allowing this murder cover-up. This may be your last chance to obtain far reaching justice for a long time to come!

Obama and Holder have a multitude of resources available to find out what happened to Trayvon Martin. If I could find out what happened with the very few resources I had, I knew they could find out. This is how I know they failed all of us. They failed all black children and their parents, and they failed all of the citizens of the United States.

Hold them accountable. Call them on the carpet for allowing this murder cover-up. This may be your last chance to obtain far reaching justice for a long time to come!

As a result, their refusal to bring justice for Trayvon Martin was a condemnation on all black males! It was like black males were in the water drowning and calling out to Obama and Holder in a boat to come and rescue them, but Obama and Holder paddled right past them knock them in the head with the boat paddles as they hurried by. Is this acceptable to you? It certainly is not acceptable to me.

Hold them accountable. Call them on the carpet for allowing this murder cover-up. This may be your last chance to obtain far reaching justice for a long time to come!

Holder and Obama gave their word that they would get to the truth and insure justice is served. The State of Florida and Sanford, where Trayvon was murdered, have a long history of racism and it continues this very day. Obama and Holder are well aware of this and the institutional racism. Being black men in such positions of power and having the ability to make a difference for the better made them responsible for insuring justice was achieved for Trayvon Martin, improving racial justice for all black males, and moving America to greater equality.

Hold them accountable. Call them on the carpet for allowing this murder cover-up. This may be your last chance to obtain far reaching justice for a long time to come!



Why God? Why Did This Happen?

Dylann Roof

This is not an easy writing for me because what I will say will be foreign to so many people and it will challenge the beliefs taught by many religions.  However, if the key is to understand the senseless, then the truth must be told.  Tragically, the church has kept the truth of spirituality away from the masses in order to maintain control over them.  This is not a welcomed fact since it undermines your trust and belief in the church.  If what I write rings true for you, then it is for you.  If it does not ring true for you, then it is not for you.  I will share some of my truth with you.

If you believe God knows all things, then God already knew Dylann Roof, the South Carolina young man who murdered 9 black people while at a church service, would kill all 9 of those people long before it happened.  Why would God allow such seemingly evil things?

1) What looks evil in the short term may work for the good in the long term.  For example, many white people are now motivated to question their beliefs and if people choose, many other positive changes in society can be made.

2) It is allowed to bring a problem to the attention of everyone so that it can be addressed and solved.  For example, people are asking what caused this young man to kill all of those people?  How can this be prevented in the future?

3) Each person has a task of developing a conscience.  This only comes through experience and personal choice.  Hopefully, Dylann Roof will look at his actions and see that they were wrong.  That his beliefs were wrong.  It is his choice to do so or he can choose to not grow.  One can go as far as to say that those 9 people whom he killed sacrificed their lives to give him and others an opportunity to grow and to bring attention to a greater problem so it can be addressed.  Often the best and long lasting lessons are the most painful ones.

I will stop right here.  There is much much more to help you understand though.  Ask and you shall receive.