Blacks Won the Battle & Lost the War

The Civil Rights Movement brought us the opportunity to sit with whites on the bus and in the restaurant. However, it failed to address the racism which our people are still dealing with today. I won’t repeat what has been said. I will let you hear it from the leaders themselves.  I will only say this.  Black people are not inherently violent people.  However, if violence must be the price to have equality, then so be it!  If no longer spending a single dollar with a non-black owned business is the price to pay to gain equal treatment, then so be it! The question is are black people willing to pay the price, and die if needed, to no longer suffer further indignities?  Even integration did not remove racism. Addressing and eliminating racism is the final barrier to true equality.
Video – In the Courts or On the Streets

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White Lies

How did George Zimmerman go free after murdering Trayvon Martin?  The State of Florida v. George Zimmerman trial was really The Government versus Black Males trial.  Prosecutors ignored the facts to insure injustice.  Some white lies are serious lies.  Some white lies change lives.  White lies can insure an innocent black child does not receive justice.  White lies can keep a murderer out of prison.


The prosecution did not tell the jurors the facts they had that proved Zimmerman lied about 99% of what he claimed Trayvon Martin did and that he lied about what he did as well!

The prosecution did not show the jurors the evidence proving Zimmerman injured his own head with his own gun!

The prosecution did not tell the jurors that Zimmerman was standing up when he shot Trayvon Martin!


NOW, you tell me this.  Should this prosecution team still be working for the government getting paid with the citizens’ hard earned money and having more opportunities to cover up more crimes or should it be behind prison bars for obstruction of justice in a first degree murder case?

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Racism from a White Perspective

Do white people fear blacks? Do white people fear blacks because white people believe that if blacks treated them the same way whites have treated blacks, then whites would retaliate and take over the first chance they had? If so, whites would want to keep control over blacks to prevent this. There are other fears as well such as job competition and losing their superior status via racism and white supremacy. So, ridding themselves of the black threat often occurs in many forms and primarily through incarceration. However, what whites seem to miss is that most blacks are still afraid of whites because they are still dependent on them so they don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them. This is truly and unfortunate situation.

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Rise and Fall of Black Self-Esteem

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The Black Power Movement was a time when lower class and lower middle class black people recognized their self-worth and were willing to fight and die instead of accepting continued abuse from whites. During this time, black children were taught to love themselves and be proud of everything about themselves. These classes of black people began to take care of each other by doing their best to provide food, clothing, black history lessons, and support in ways that promoted black self-esteem. The government saw this change as a threat to the status quo and worked to destroy this movement by destroying the leaders of this movement. The government succeeded.

The video below highlights the points made above. At location 4:46, a demonstration of one way black children were taught to love themselves is shown.


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Slavery Worse Than Rape



Think of your daughter being raped. Think about the pain and agony to her as a result. Think about the loss of trust and fear that develops in her. And think about the long time that will be required for her to heal, if possible.

During slavery, black slaves’ bodies were raped, not once, not twice, but several times. Many were used to “breed” while others were used to satisfy the lust of the slave master.

Now, if we know today, the impact of one rape on one woman, then imagine the continuous rape of the black woman and how this affected her mentally, physically, and spiritually. Imagine the impact on the children she bore, children she may not have wanted and who reminded her daily of her rapist.

Think of the fear, hatred, and pain that were passed on in each generation. On top of this, her children and her children’s children were used for the slave master’s lust or to “breed.” The result was one horror being added to another.

Black women, men, and children did not have the resources of a shelter, counseling, or possible criminal prosecution of the rapist that is present today.

As we are learning today, such horrific and traumatic experiences, also affects one’s biological chemical balance as a result of the feelings of depression, helplessness, and anger they produce. This imbalance gets passed down to the children and their children and their children.

Now, let’s turn to physical abuse. We know today about the adverse affects of this abuse on women. Today, we have shelters and counselors for the women and prosecution laws against the abuser. We even provide shelter for the woman’s children. We do all these things because we need to protect the woman and place her in an environment where she can feel safe and have a chance to begin to heal.

Slaves had none of these resources. During slavery, black women, men, and children were physically abused and many times on a daily basis. They were beaten and whipped, and in many cases tortured. They wore the permanent scars of their abuse on their resultant disfigured bodies. Some had a hand, foot, finger, etc. cut off as punishment. Imagine these things occurring to you today and no one doing anything to stop it. Other slaves were required to helplessly watch these horrors. Great depression, anger, and hatred resulted in the slave, against himself for being helpless and against the slave master for hurting him.

Today, we know the kinds of damage to the brain, body, spirit, and emotions that such negative feelings impose when they cannot be expressed and appropriately resolved. This horrific damage has been passed on generationally.

Slaves lived in terror everyday not knowing who would be raped next, whipped next, used to set an example, or which child would be sold away from its mother never to be seen again.

In 1634, slavery began in America. It ended “on paper” in 1863. Black slaves endured approximately 230 years of the torture and abuse described above. Following that, came lynching, discrimination in any attempts to become independent and earn a living, and disrespect and ill treatment from non-blacks. Beginning in the 1960’s, blacks became more vocal concerning their human and civil rights. As a result, some progress was made. However, if you study the statistics today, you will see that blacks remain on the bottom in critical areas: health, political power, economic power, and group cohesiveness.

I propose that a primary reason for this condition is due to the horrific abuse that has been passed down from generation to generation and the resultant affect on the psyche, spirit, and neurochemical makeup of African-Americans.

I also propose that a national healing campaign is needed for the African-American with the full support of the U.S. government, educational and religious institutions. If it were not for the support of the U.S. government, businesses, educational and religious institutions, slavery could not have lasted as long as it did.

This campaign would include:

  • Counseling groups to discuss slavery and its impacts so that feelings can be resolved
  • Medical attention for individuals suffering from chemical imbalances
  • Education explicitly describing how slaves were treated during slavery and discrimination after slavery
  • Acknowledgement by the U.S. government for supporting slavery and provision of reparations for the economic loss to African-Americans as a result
  • Media coverage on the psychological and economical impact of slavery and discrimination and the need for government intervention and reparations
  • Instituting more affirmative action measures to counter the on-going racist attitudes and discrimination
  • Destroying any monuments or tributes to any acts that supported slavery or salutes those who did
  • Educating the public that there is “enough to go around” to discourage an attitude of scarcity
  • Building monuments to salute the African-Americans for their contributions to building America

Some believe that when slavery ended so did its impact. Well, I ask you if a “single” act of rape ended or a “single” act of physical abuse ended, did its impact also end then? Or, even just think of the World Trade Center terror, do you think that will be easily forgotten? Do you think the families were not affected? Do you think they don’t need financial support and help with the resultant feelings they have to live with? Of course not, and this was one event on one day.

There is another belief that time heals all wounds. I would agree if the wound was physical, but even some of those get worse if not properly treated. However, psychological wounds are different, just think about the last time someone disrespected you or treated you as if they were better than you are. Would you feel good? How quickly did you forget about it? Now, think of having to endure such acts on a daily basis for “all” of your living days. How easy would that be? It wouldn’t be easy at all. No one thrives in a negative environment.

Even if the government does not take action to aid healing, we must begin to do it to the greatest extent possible. We must also remember who helped us and who didn’t. We have suffered too much and too long to put this behind us. We must address it if we are to begin to thrive in our personal lives and become economically competitive as a people.

In addition, slavery for blacks was different than for any other group of enslaved peoples. Blacks were treated worse than cows and dogs! They were considered property like someone’s toilet or garbage pail. Yet, these things received better care and attention than they did.

So, whenever you think about African-American, know that you are thinking about a miracle of survival. It’s time to heal. Time is short.

God Bless You

Written: 12-26-01 by Gina McGill
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Uncaring & Selfish People in Power



Uncaring and Selfish People in Power are Public Enemy No. 1.

Psychopaths love positions of authority and power. They will seek it out like their last breath depended on it. Psychopaths are either born that way or made that way from abuse. Psychopaths are not crazy.   They know exactly what they are doing and are in control and most do not act out violently. However, they lack a conscience and do not possess empathy. On the other hand, they are excellent actors. They can pretend to be genuinely nice, trusting, charming and caring. Unfortunately, many corporations seek out psychopaths since they know psychopaths will do whatever it takes to increase profits. Damn how people or the environment will be affected. Psychopaths do not think of the health and safety of people or the environment when making decisions.

Conservatives tend to be selfish.  They don’t believe in offering a helping hand to those less fortunate and in need of aid.   They also don’t want to intervene in protecting our environment from polluters.   This is seen through the decisions they make and the effects of those decisions. Read an excellent example of this in a past president of the United States.

These two groups neither care about you and your health nor the environment you depend on for air, water, and food. This is why it gets harder and harder for you to make a living, enjoy good health, and live with little stress and uncertainty. When you see clearly that such people in power do not give a damn about you, then you are able to choose differently and keep such people from getting into positions that will make your life worse! Forget what these people say. Look at what they do and the effects of their actions on people and the environment. A con artist always talks a good game or else he could not get what he wants at the expense of others. However, once you figure out you were conned, it is too late. The damage has been done. Don’t let these people con you out of living a good and happy life. Don’t become their victim. See them for who they are. They are people whose actions must be monitored and controlled or else they will cause much damage and harm. It is like having to discipline and be responsible for a little children who have not learned to care about others or care about the consequences of their actions



Is Rachel Jeantel to blame for Zimmerman’s Acquittal?

No!  Jeantel told the truth regarding her conversation with Trayvon Martin on the phone and what she heard when Martin was attacked.    However, the prosecutor’s objective was to lose the case.  He told jurors Jeantel could be lying about what she said despite having facts showing she told the truth about these  two specific occurrences.  He did not present those facts to the jurors to show she was telling the truth.  Instead, he chose to have the jurors think she may be lying about what she said by pointing to issues not related to the night of the killing.  The prosecutors are to blame for Zimmerman’s acquittal.  Readily available evidence to show guilt of murder was withheld.

In fact, Jeantel’s testimony was NOT needed to get a murder conviction for George Zimmerman if prosecutors had revealed the readily available damning evidence to the jurors instead of choosing to throw the case.

Hold Sanford police and State of Florida accountable for covering up Zimmerman’s murder.

Read the ebook of facts for more detail.

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