What is the Best Strategy for the Flint Water Crisis


I was exposed to poisoned drinking water when I was little.  I grew up in Detroit, Michigan.  Thus, the Flint, Michigan Water Crisis has a special impact on me.  I share my story via a link at the end of this post.

Everything has a cost. The government made cost decisions that hurt the people of Flint, Michigan by not caring about the quality and safety of the Flint drinking water residents were provided.   I am looking at cost decisions to help them!  What plan will provide Flint residents the highest quality and safe water for the longest period of time given the resources available?

The switch was made back to using the Detroit water.  My concern is with how best the aid Flint is receiving can be used for the residents?  These are some questions that need answering to avoid wasting the money and resources being made available to Flint residents.  If any government official avoids answering these, that is a red flag.  A cost feasibility study can be performed.

  • What can residents do to remove the poisoning from their bodies and will money be provided to them to do this?  If so, when will this occur?
  • Is the Flint tap water now safe to drink?  If not, why not and what will it take to get there?  Is bottled water only being provided because of loss of trust or the water is still unsafe to drink or both?
  • For how long and how much bottled water will be needed before residents can return to using Flint tap water?
  • Can the use of certain water filters make the Flint tap water safe to drink right now?  If not, why not?  If yes, would it be more cost-effective than providing bottled water?
  • Is it necessary to replace all of the residential lead service pipe lines before using Flint tap water again?  If no, in what ways can the water be safely used right now?
  • Are there other ways to treat the pipes without replacing them?
  • How long and how much will it cost to replace the service lines?  I read it would take about 15 years and $75 million.   Is this a correct estimate?

These are just a few of the questions.  It is important for every resident to know a realistic plan is in place and it is the best plan given the available resources.

By the way, I would not trust Gov. Synder to tie my shoelace let alone let him select a person to investigate his f**k up!

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