Black Leaders Didn’t Value Black Lives Enough


BLACK LEADERS FAILED BLACK PEOPLE YET AGAIN! Black Lives Matter failed black people. When former President Barack Obama and former attorney general Eric Holder were in office at the same time, this was the greatest opportunity for blacks to make the most criminal justice progress. However, both Obama and Holder failed black people by failing to fulfill their promise to the American people to determine and reveal the truth of what happened to Trayvon Martin. His killing launched the Black Lives Matter movement, yet Trayvon Martin was abandoned once George Zimmerman was found not guilty. They did this even though they had enough evidence to call law enforcers to the carpet on covering up Trayvon Martin’s first degree murder.

As the Black Lives Matter movement grew stronger, its leaders intentionally ignored information showing that Trayvon Martin’s death was a first degree murder and that law enforcers covered it up! Black leaders like Al Sharpton also ignored the evidence! This information is the smoking gun they needed to take the movement forward quickly and convince Americans beyond a shadow of a doubt of the immediate need to make critical reforms in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. However, they ignored this information. Why? Black Lives Matter leaders chose to assume the negative view that the information supporting the murder and murder cover-up by law enforcers was only gathered because they assumed the person, me, who gathered the information only did it to make money! They never once spoke to me, mind you, to find out any thing about me. Political leaders like Al Sharpton jumped ship to stay on good terms with their white counterparts.

Now, let’s play devil’s advocate and assume I only did my research and wrote my book to make a profit off of a dead child. Is that enough reason for leaders to ignore information that will bring equality and justice to black people more quickly? Is that enough reason to continue to let mothers and fathers fear each time their children walk out the door and worry if they will make it back home? I’ll leave those answers up to you, but I am sure you know my answer! However, if you agree with the decision of the black leaders to ignore my work that would have made life better for you, you can stop reading here.

I researched and wrote Accessories After the Fact: The Trayvon Martin Murder Cover-up because hearing him scream in the background of the 911 call severly emotionally traumatized me. I don’t know why, but then again, why would it not? I had never heard anything like that before. I didn’t know Trayvon Martin and this certainly was not the first young black male to be killed! I asked myself how could someone I don’t even know affect me to the point I could no longer sleep and eat like a normal person. Why couldn’t I stop obsessing over what happened? I was afraid to tell anyone about what I was going through becuase, quitely frankly, I feared I was losing my mind. Also, I did not pay attention to the Trayvon Martin killing until the year 2013 because I had been preoccupied with other matters. So, it was in 2013 that I first heard the 911 call and chose to learn about the case. It was a life changing moment. I thought we had moved beyond. It was a very rude awakening!

So, now the major window of opportunity to make significant criminal justice progress for all black people has closed. The election of the Donald Trump as President of the United States has guaranteed this on a federal level which is the level Black Lives Matter was working on. Black Lives Matter leaders won’t be sitting at any table with Trump or the new attorney general! I feel so disappointed and disgusted over the refusal of black leaders, during the most advantageous time, to use the Trayvon Martin killing information I researched to make life safer and better for all of us! I gave them the information on a silver platter-free of charge mind you! The leaders greatly disappointed and disgusted me, but they greatly hurt all black people, especially young black males, by ignoring this critical opportunity. This is the greatest tragedy. This is why I shake my head every time I think about their fateful decision and how it has held black people back. Perhaps they will read this and see the error of their ways, but I doubt it. It is hard to admit when you have fucked up, and they don’t want the wrath of the people on their backs. Yet, they deserve it since they failed us…again!

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