The Failure of Black Lives Matter and What You Can Do Now

Let me state up front:

Nothing good comes from:

  • Insulting people, especially police officers.
  • Bullying, including snatching microphones from those who are sympathetic to your cause.
  • Chanting “Pigs in a blanket, fry’em like bacon.
  • Causing disruption and destruction

It began with a major media reporting of a shooting of a young, black male named Trayvon Martin by a non-black, middle-aged man named George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman who wanted to become a cop but was rejected.  After the shooting, police refused to arrest Zimmerman claiming self-defense that was never supported by the facts. This resulted in law enforcers including the police and the prosecutors covering up the first degree murder of Trayvon Martin.  See Trayvon Martin murder cover-up.  Thus, any remaining trust blacks had in the criminal justice system, law enforcement, and specifically police was destroyed.

From one young black male, the issue became about all young, black males.  If the Trayvon Martin family had continued to speak out against the injustice for their son given the murder cover-up, despite those controlling their actions and Obama trying to shut them and everyone else up, then a concerted, organized, and strategic effort of those outraged by this injustice could be used to require law enforcement to finally tell the truth and do the right thing.  The Black Lives Matter movement was created as a result of this injustice, but it failed to follow through with this specific incident which would have made the outcome of future incidents have a better outcome since law enforcement would have been put on notice with concrete facts proving a murder cover-up!  In other words, if you fail to check a person, the person believes he can get away with what he is doing.

At the time of the incident in 2012, now President Donald Trump said Zimmerman should have never followed Trayvon Martin. He also said if a camera had been at the right spot, we would know what really happened.  Well my response to Mr. Trump is that a camera was at the right spot in the form of facts, science, reasoning, and common sense.  The problem is that he, like the rest of America, was never told those facts.  Logical deduction is strongly at play here. He didn’t know that then and I think he does not know that now. What if the President found out now?  This would be an excellent opportunity for him to show a caring for the black community.  To automatically assume he would not, is self-defeat. I have informed black leaders of the untold facts and the cover-up of a murder. They did nothing.  The best case scenario is that Trump takes action while “our” black leaders refuse to do so.  Tell him an see what happens. There is nothing to lose, but there is potential for gain.   This is also another opportunity for black leaders to take the action they failed to take in 2013.  They must have the spirit and determination of our elders and ancestors  who were willing to sacrifice their lives during the civil rights movement to be seen and treated like equals.  See Trayvon Martin murder cover-up.  I will also do a YouTube video which will go over the contents in my book.

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Huntsville AL Black Lives Matter?

Apparently there are two separate Black Lives Matter groups in Huntsville, Alabama.  The group that gathered to show support for the police and the group that gathered to show support for the families of the young, black males who lost their lives.  There was a clear division.  One group met in one location and the other group met in another.  One group was organized by area ministers and police and attended by a few elected government officials whom marched to the Fallen Officer’s Memorial in support of police.  The other group was organized by grass roots organizations whom met at Big Spring Park in a vigil for the slain black males.  Both groups were peaceful, but had a different focus.

In anger, one young, Black man left the highly organized march by the police and ministers claiming it was staged and did not address the issue needing to be addressed.  He said he had been attacked by the police and was displeased the group did not address the core issues.

When I arrived at the grass roots organized event, I spoke with one of the organizers and talked about my book Accessories After the Fact: The Trayvon Martin Murder Cover-Up which is in printed format that will be released in a few weeks.  There is also one in ebook format, State of Florida v. Trayvon Martin: A Murder Cover-Up and Obtaining Justice, available now on my website  I went through the book explaining the information it contained.  My goal was to inform the people about its contents so they can use this information in achieving their goals.

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This grassroots group felt sincere to me and was inclusive.  There were black and white gathered together and holding candles for those all whom had been killed.  There was concern for the police whom had been killed and there was more concern about the problem that led to their killing and the killing of young, black males.

After I spoke with one of the organizers, he offered to tell the group about my book so they could obtain the information.  I was pleasantly surprised when he permitted me to address the group about my book.  The group was very receptive.  This is why I say the grassroots group was very sincere in their objective for being there and were very inclusive.

I highly doubt the group organized by the police and the ministers with government officials attending would have allowed me to speak to the people about my findings so they would know the information existed.  After all, my talk was about a murder cover-up by police and state law enforcers and how the citizens could begin to dismantle institutional racism.

I did get a chance to speak with state representative Laura Hall and several news outlets at the highly organized gathering.  I will follow-up my contact with them about my investigative research information about the Trayvon Martin murder.  I will see if they are as receptive as the grassroots organizers have been and if they are willing to help me get my investigative research information out to the people of Huntsville and ideally all of Alabama so it can be used to bring about the needed changes.  I will return with a follow-up to talk about the outcome of this effort.

The killing of Trayvon Martin started the Black Lives Matter movement.  If I am looking for a solution, I look to the source and cause of the problem.  For me, that started with the killing of Trayvon Martin so I looked here for answers and solutions and I believe others should too.  I have done the hard part.  The results are now available for all to read.

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How to Stop the Killing OF Blacks!

According to David Banner, rapper, producer, and activist, whites have two weaknesses: money and fear itself.  Disrupt either of these and you will have some negotiating power.  Your other option, and this is coming from me, is to hope whites will become sympathetic to our cause and decide to stop the injustice we receive.  I personally don’t like putting my fate in the hands of another and hoping they will do the right thing.

Finances: Treat blacks equally or we will no longer give you our money, we will take away your money, and we will destroy your ability to make money. Remember how quickly some of the administrators at University of Missouri resigned when the football team threatened to not play a game which would result in the University losing at least one million dollars? Money has always talked!

Fear: Treat blacks equally or we will take revenge on white people for holding our people as chattel slaves for hundred of years,  for the discrimination we endure, and the ongoing killing of black people with no justice in sight.

Understand that white people believe a self-respecting person will take revenge for the way he has been treated.   They are not spiritual people.  White people know they would take revenge and work to overpower us if we had enslaved them.

Black America does not have the help of the motherland Africa in protecting us.  Africans don’t even run Africa.  Thus, they cannot threaten to cut off resources for the mistreatment of African-Americans.

There are two things I disagree with in his message though.

1) Laws will eliminate the killing of black Americans.  FALSE

If legislation is what we need, how do you legislate the Dept. of Justice from helping to cover-up a murder?

If legislation is what we need, how do you legislate a prosecutor from throwing a case?

If legislation is what we need, how do you legislate cops not murdering blacks in jail?

2)He said Zimmerman would be the sacrificial lamb.   FALSE

I hoped Zimmerman would be held accountable for murdering Trayvon Martin.  However, institutional racists did not care that America knew it was murder.  Zimmerman’s connections in law enforcement and the negative view Florida law enforcement has toward young, black males insured Zimmerman would go free.

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Trayvon Martin Abandoned


It appears the official change in focus came when the foundation dropped the word “justice” from its foundation name on November 4, 2013. The Justice Department did not conclude its investigation into the case until 2015!

When the Foundation abandoned seeking Justice for Trayvon,

  • it abandoned the dismantling of institutional racism which allowed his murderer to go free.
  • it abandoned holding those who obstructed justice accountable for their actions.
  • it abandoned an opportunity to help end mass incarceration of black males by dismantling institutional racism.

I can’t think of anything more important than focusing on these three things to insure the family’s son’s death was not in vain.

As long as institutional racism continues to remain in place, mass incarceration will remain in place, obstruction of justice by law enforcers will remain in place, and there will continue to be young, black males who never receive justice. I think it is imperative that the Trayvon Martin Foundation change it focus. They have support and donation money. However, I have not been able to see a financial report. Has anyone been able to see any financial reports for the Trayvon Martin Foundation since its creation? Are any online?

There must be financial reports. Sybrina Fulton took a business approach to dealing with her son’s murder. Trayvon Martin was brutally murdered on February 26, 2012. Ms. Fulton created the foundation in March of 2012. Also as a parent of a murdered child, Sybrina Fulton pursued trademarks on Trayvon Martin’s name for various purposes.

  • Will the Trayvon Martin Foundation seek justice for Trayvon and all black males?
  • Will it seek to prevent other parent’s from facing institutional racism when their child goes into the criminal justice system?
  • Will it seek to remove those law enforcers who obstructed Trayvon’s justice so these people cannot obstruct justice of others?
  • Will it begin to dismantle institutional racism and impact mass incarceration?

I believe Trayvon Martin would want the foundation to seek justice for him and all young, black males. I believe he wants to see institutional racism in the criminal justice system ended. I believe those who donated their money, time, and actively protested for justice for Trayvon by pounding the pavement and spreading the word would like to see this happen as well. After all, isn’t this the ultimate goal?

Maybe no one at the foundation knows the facts that support a murder cover-up by law enforcement. This is possible since I saw Ms. Fulton and Trayvon’s father, Tracey Martin, on friendly terms with the law enforcers who covered up their son’s murder. Some people sleep with the enemy. In this case, they were standing with them. Maybe this is the reason they are not continuing to seek justice for their son and other black males. Maybe the woman who raised Trayvon, Alicia Stanley, could have kept everyone focused. Trayvon Martin lived with his father and Alicia Stanley, his former wife for most of his life. However, Alicia Stanley was not even permitted to sit in the front row at Trayvon’s funeral. It was like she never existed. Read Alicia’s story.

Maybe Ms. Fulton has been misguided and misdirected when it comes to dismantling institutional racism, the very thing that prevented justice for her son. After all, she is a victim of a corrupt criminal justice system as well. Perhaps she needs people around her whom will help her to work on ending institutional racism, ending mass incarceration, and holding those who obstructed justice for her son accountable. As long as law enforcers are not held accountable, they are free to continue to obstruct justice for other black males. The fact that the murderer of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, is walking about as free as the birds while her innocent son is in a casket six feet under, should be a sufficient and constant reminder of the needed work at hand.

Take action and help make a difference!

Read State of Florida v. Trayvon Martin and/or listen to the online audio presentations

All non-factual statements on this website are the opinion of the author.


Institutional Racism Must End


George Zimmerman is called the most hated man in America, but the peoples’ anger is misplaced.  Zimmerman murdered out of hatred for what Trayvon represented to him.  People would have been satisfied if Zimmerman was convicted for murdering Trayvon Martin.  They would believe justice has been served.  However,  the Zimmerman case was not dealt with justly since law enforcers covered up the murder of Trayvon Martin, there is a murderer walking around the streets freely and a murdered innocent teenager, Trayvon Martin, lying six feet under because of him!

Institutional racism is the cause for this situation.  This is where the outrage belongs.  Use your outrage to end institutional racism that allowed Zimmerman to walk free so that no other murderers can walk away freely.  Unfortunately, we will always have murderers who murder for various reasons.  We cannot stop this.  However, we can stop those who protect them because such people have to answer to the American citizens.  There are police, judges, and prosecutors who are racist against black people and will protect a non-black person despite that person being guilty.  They will show preferential treatment to the non-black person.   As long as such people keep their jobs and are not held accountable for this injustice, they will continue to uphold institutional racism.  This is where my outrage lies.

Law enforcers covered up George Zimmerman’s first degree murder of Trayvon Martin.  They saw through Zimmerman’s lies but protected him anyway.  They had the facts and evidence, but they withheld it.  They lied to you!   They betrayed your trust in the criminal justice system.  They betrayed you!   This is where the outrage belongs.   See Trayvon’s Horrific Last Night Alive

These law enforcers continue to have the power and authority to determine the fate of more black males more than Zimmerman ever could.  The criminal justice system can not be trusted when it comes to black males.  Just like we want the bad guys off the street, we want the bad prosecutors, judges, and police locked up who put the bad guys back on the streets!

It is because of institutional racism that black people see that there is no justice for their children and thus nearly panic each time their black children leaves the house.  We do not have to continue to live in fear.


Obama Betrayed Young Black Males


Holder and Obama

In his speech Obama said:

” …When I think about this boy [Trayvon Martin], I think about my own kids and I think every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this and that everybody pulls together, federal, state and local, to find out exactly how this tragedy happened … My main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin. If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon. And I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness that it deserves and that we’re gonna get to the bottom of what happened.” (Bold added.)

Did Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder keep their word? NO! Hold them accountable. Call them on the carpet for allowing this murder cover-up. This may be your last chance to obtain far reaching justice for a long time to come! The facts show that Trayvon Martin’s killing was unprovoked and a first degree murder.

This is the purest case of racial injustice given that Trayvon Martin was innocent and did not attack Zimmerman. Also read Trayvon Martin’s Horrific Last Night Alive.

Obama and Holder are among the first for African Americans in the government positions they hold. My great disappointment is that they turned their backs on Trayvon Martin, black males, black people, and America as a whole. Why do I say this? These two men had one of the greatest opportunities to bring America to greater equality and racial justice and they turned their backs on that opportunity. This is where my issue lies.

Why did they turn their backs on this opportunity and on moving America closer to a model country for others to follow? I am sure the answers will be plenty and varied. One reason is institutional racism and their fear of troubling the waters as it could mean career suicide along with ending their power and privilege. Are Obama’s and Holder’s careers, power, and privilege more important than obtaining justice for young black males and blacks in general? I say hell no! What do you say?

Hold them accountable. Call them on the carpet for allowing this murder cover-up. This may be your last chance to obtain far reaching justice for a long time to come!

Obama and Holder have a multitude of resources available to find out what happened to Trayvon Martin. If I could find out what happened with the very few resources I had, I knew they could find out. This is how I know they failed all of us. They failed all black children and their parents, and they failed all of the citizens of the United States.

Hold them accountable. Call them on the carpet for allowing this murder cover-up. This may be your last chance to obtain far reaching justice for a long time to come!

As a result, their refusal to bring justice for Trayvon Martin was a condemnation on all black males! It was like black males were in the water drowning and calling out to Obama and Holder in a boat to come and rescue them, but Obama and Holder paddled right past them knock them in the head with the boat paddles as they hurried by. Is this acceptable to you? It certainly is not acceptable to me.

Hold them accountable. Call them on the carpet for allowing this murder cover-up. This may be your last chance to obtain far reaching justice for a long time to come!

Holder and Obama gave their word that they would get to the truth and insure justice is served. The State of Florida and Sanford, where Trayvon was murdered, have a long history of racism and it continues this very day. Obama and Holder are well aware of this and the institutional racism. Being black men in such positions of power and having the ability to make a difference for the better made them responsible for insuring justice was achieved for Trayvon Martin, improving racial justice for all black males, and moving America to greater equality.

Hold them accountable. Call them on the carpet for allowing this murder cover-up. This may be your last chance to obtain far reaching justice for a long time to come!