Dana Fletcher Did NOT Have Have a Gun in His Hand(s)

During my forensic analysis of the video, I uncovered Mr. Fletcher not having a gun in his dominant hand, the right hand, and proivded a frame shot to prove this. The police pulled on his left and and you can see that he had not drawn his weapon. The police had been pulling on his left arm for many seconds and then stopped to reach for some mace. Dana Fletcher never had a gun in his hand.

Benjamin Crump, a nationally renown attorney, used the snapshot I captured to prove Mr. Fletcher never had a gun in his hand. Below, I describe the events leading up to this to support it.

In late October 2019 in Madison, Alabama, Mr. Fletcher refused to exit his van and police shot him claiming he had a gun. Part of my analysis yielded this image.

My image shows he did not have a gun in his left hand as he began to fall to the ground while the cop in front of him still had not drawn his gun.

Statement of Events Seconds Prior to Being Shot and Killed

After my forensic video analysis, this is my conclusion of the analysis results:

As Mr. Fletcher exited the van, the officer stood in front of him and reached for a black object with his left hand and kept his right hand on his side. He put the vertical black object in front of Mr. Fletcher’s face and then he lowered it. As he continued to exit, Mr. Fletcher had his right arm bent about 90 degrees across his own chest when the cop removed the black object. As he started to fall, both of Mr. Fletcher’s hands can be seen with arms bent. As he continues to fall, Mr. Fletcher’s left hand is seen as if bracing for a fall. The cop kept his right hand on his side. At no time did it appear upon exit that Mr. Fletcher pointed a gun at a cop or have a gun in his hands.
Interpretation of Events Seconds Prior to Shooting
The police officer reached for his mace to spray Mr. Fletcher in the face. Police officers assumed it was a gun or used it as an excuse to be a gun held by Mr. Fletcher pointing at the police officer in front of him. They jumped the gun and made a fatal mistake.

I uncovered this snapshot in time during my forensic analysis. The source for the video used is a citizen video released to WHNT.com.