Your Fear is not My Fault

The fear of the black man is not caused by the black man. It is created by the white man because the white man treated the black race worse than he treated his dogs, cows, pigs, and chickens. The white man knows that any self-respecting person will not permit another to mistreat him.  So, the white man thinks if the black race gains self-respect, they will demand and require whites to make amends for what they have done and are doing to them.  Self-respecting, Afro-centric, empowered blacks will not accept less.  Less means blacks are not as worthy of respect or equal treatment as whites and what was done to their people is not worthy of making the best at amends!  So, the fear is in the white man because the white man would do all in his power to regain respectable treatment and equality since this is what a self-loving and self-respecting person would do.  Thus, keeping the black race unequal helps protect the white man, but it does not erase the white man’s fear and black people cannot remove it.

The white man must accept, own, and make amends for his wrongs.  Only then will he be able to look the black man in the eye as an equal and no longer have fear because he will have repaid his debt and have a clear conscience.  In reality, nothing can amend what was done to blacks, but whites can do their best to make amends.  Their best will be sufficient.  Whites benefit from what slaves built.  Whites benefit from land and labor stolen from slaves and free blacks. Whites benefit from killing native Americans and removing them from the land they had before the white man arrived.  Whites still benefit.  So, the past is a part of the present.