Greg Gunn and Trayvon Martin

The shooting of Greg Gunn has had a special impact on me. Not just because he was a black male and lived in Alabama as I do but because his circumstances are similar to Trayvon Martin’s circumstances.

Gregory GunnTrayvon Martin
Walking home Walking home
Claimed to look suspiciousClaimed to look suspicious
Ran to get awayRan to get away
Yelled for helpYelled for help
Killed near homeKilled near residence
Was in fear for his lifeWas in fear for his life

This brings up some painful feelings for me. We cannot state with absolute certainty that the officer killed Greg Gunn because he was black. However, we can say with certainty that Greg Gunn was in fear for his life and not an immediate threat to the approaching police as he yelled for his 87 year-old mother to come open the door while he banged on her window and was shot dead!

Greg Gunn’s brother speaks about shooting

Gunn’s brother made some excellent points to help reduce the killings of unarmed black males. He asked that police who know the people in the community patrol the community. They will better know who looks suspicious or not.

This would be a perfect opportunity to train more black males living in that community to become patrolman for their own communities.