How to Stop the Killing OF Blacks!

According to David Banner, rapper, producer, and activist, whites have two weaknesses: money and fear itself.  Disrupt either of these and you will have some negotiating power.  Your other option, and this is coming from me, is to hope whites will become sympathetic to our cause and decide to stop the injustice we receive.  I personally don’t like putting my fate in the hands of another and hoping they will do the right thing.

Finances: Treat blacks equally or we will no longer give you our money, we will take away your money, and we will destroy your ability to make money. Remember how quickly some of the administrators at University of Missouri resigned when the football team threatened to not play a game which would result in the University losing at least one million dollars? Money has always talked!

Fear: Treat blacks equally or we will take revenge on white people for holding our people as chattel slaves for hundred of years,  for the discrimination we endure, and the ongoing killing of black people with no justice in sight.

Understand that white people believe a self-respecting person will take revenge for the way he has been treated.   They are not spiritual people.  White people know they would take revenge and work to overpower us if we had enslaved them.

Black America does not have the help of the motherland Africa in protecting us.  Africans don’t even run Africa.  Thus, they cannot threaten to cut off resources for the mistreatment of African-Americans.

There are two things I disagree with in his message though.

1) Laws will eliminate the killing of black Americans.  FALSE

If legislation is what we need, how do you legislate the Dept. of Justice from helping to cover-up a murder?

If legislation is what we need, how do you legislate a prosecutor from throwing a case?

If legislation is what we need, how do you legislate cops not murdering blacks in jail?

2)He said Zimmerman would be the sacrificial lamb.   FALSE

I hoped Zimmerman would be held accountable for murdering Trayvon Martin.  However, institutional racists did not care that America knew it was murder.  Zimmerman’s connections in law enforcement and the negative view Florida law enforcement has toward young, black males insured Zimmerman would go free.

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