Jordan Davis Family Wrong about Verdict

Jordan DavivThe Jordan Davis Family is Wrong about the Michael Dunn Verdict. After the verdict of guilty of first degree murder was determined for Michael Dunn, the Davis family spoke to the press.

“We are very grateful that justice has been served, justice not only for Jordan, but justice for Trayvon (Martin) and justice for all the nameless, faceless children and people that will never have a voice,” said Jordan’s mother. Sorry Mrs. Davis but you are wrong.

Zimmerman and those who protected him still walk free. This is true with other black boys who have been murdered. She did a disservice by lumping the rest of the black males into this one case. The murder of many black males does not bring justice by convicting one white male! Is one white male worth several black ones Ms. Davis? Also, her statement could persuade people to STOP seeking justice for the other black males whom have been murdered.

Realize that since Dunn was already facing 60 years, finding him guilty of first degree murder means little. Also, realize that since he already had 60 years, this was an opportunity for Florida prosecution to make itself look like it actually pursues justice for black males. Finally realize that this came right behind the Trayvon Martin trial so there was great pressure on Florida. If this had not been the case, I believe the outcome may have been different. Sorry Florida, you have a long record of bias against black males. Until you do right for each incident you are still accountable.

“I wanted Jacksonville to be a shining example that you can have a jury made up of mostly white people, white men, to be an example to the rest of the world to stop the discriminatory practices, stop discriminating, stop looking where we have to look at juries and say what the makeup of juries are,” said Jordan’s father.

First, Jacksonville is one of the worst cities when it comes to discrimination against black males. Second, the makeup of the jury does matter. Hopefully, it won’t bias the verdict outcome, but it DOES matter. Remember, Juror B37 in the George Zimmerman case? It also matters whom the prosecutor will be. What are their mindsets? Can and do they hold bias against black males or blacks in general. It definitely matters.

“We don’t have to look at if it’s the sheriff’s department,” said Mr Davis. Sorry Mr. Davis but you are wrong.

Not only do you have the cop or person who did wrong, in many cases you have law enforcement from the governor, state attorney, sheriff, and more backing him up when it comes to black males. They may let the public know this or they may hide it. So, you have to look at more than just “the person in the uniform”. For examples, see the Ferguson case for Michael Brown and the Trayvon Martin case. The people in Ferguson are angered over Darren Wilson’s crime, but law enforcement is supporting Wilson’s lies, so they are angry at law enforcement too. With George Zimmerman, the same thing occurred. Law enforcement supported him even though his story of what happened was impossible and evidence existed to confirm first degree murder.

Also, Mr. Davis did a disservice to protestors by lumping them in with the rioters. Rioters don’t care about protesting; they care about looting. To confuse the two is a disservice to protesters. Also, Mr. Davis added insult to injury by stating protesters were not “men” who can whether adversity. He did this when he assumed rioters to be protesters.

I am certain the Davis family meant well, but I wonder if thy were asked to say these things. Much of it is to calm the masses, but what they say is not true and works in favor of law enforcement.