Murder Cover-Up – Laquan McDonald

The police had the video showing 17-year old African-American Laquan McDonald being gunned down execution style as he walked away from police officers within hours of the incident! There was no immediate threat to an officer’s life. There was no need for self-defense since no officer was attacked!

Yet, the police lied about how McDonald died and allowed the cop who murdered him to remain free and receive pay for over a year! It was only by pressure from journalists and lawyers to have the video released that the truth finally came out and the murderer, Officer Jason Van Dyke, was charged with first degree murder! Fortunately, one judge ordered the release of the video.

All those participating in the cover-up are accessories after the fact. Who participated in the cover-up? What punishment should they receive and how can this type of cover-up be prevented going forward?

Who participated in the cover-up?

The officers who observed Van Dyke execute McDonald and remained silent

The person(s) who fabricated the false narrative of what happened the night McDonald was killed

The person(s) who decided not to charge Van Dyke with murder until after a forced video release

The person(s) who tampered with evidence

Members of the Independent Police Review Authority?

Any others?

What should the punishment be?

What is the punishment for accessories after the fact or accomplices? Let’s start here.

How is such a cover-up prevented going forward?

Some suggest an independent citizen review board

Any other suggestions?