An Objective Investigation

If institutional racism and conspiracy did not occur, then George Zimmerman murdering Trayvon Martin would have him in prison today!  See the two tables below.  They are included in the book with detailed explanation.

Table 13 What We Know: The Facts

1aNo blood on Martin’s hands and no Zimmerman DNA under fingernailsAutopsy Report
2aBlood only came from the tip of Zimmerman’s  nose – not his nostrils and there was so little blood produced it did not pass his bottom lipAll the punches he claimed he received and a punch with a force to knock him down would have produced more blood and smearing on the face, not straight lines.Photo taken while still at crime scene
3aMartin’s body was lying flat on the ground with his hands under his body close to his chestPhoto of Martin’s body after shot by Zimmerman
4aBack of Zimmerman’s head had two small cuts not needing stitches or a band aid.His medical report.
5aThe blood flow on the back of Zimmerman’s head showed a pattern of well-defined lines of blood flowing towards Zimmerman’s ears.There was no smearing of blood and no debris or hand and finger prints.Photo of the back of Zimmerman’s headThis means Zimmerman was bending over when the blood flow started as you can see from the top cut, the blood begins to flow immediately toward the side of his.
6aThe back of Zimmerman’s  jacket did not look like it was on the ground – no dirt, no smudgesPolice photos taken when Zimmerman went to jail the night of the shooting
7aMartin was on phone with Jeantel when Zimmerman approached himJeantel overheard them on her phone and phone records corroborate he and Jeantel were communicating at the time
8aJeantel said Martin asked Zimmerman why he was following him and Zimmerman asked Martin what he was doing around there and she heard Martin say “Get off” twice.Jeantel interview with state prosecutor
9aTrayvon Martin’s body was several feet away from the sidewalkPolice photo
10aFuneral director said there were no signs of a struggle on Martin.  Scratches and wounds expected on hands from punching were absent(Lysiak et al., 2012)
11aPhysically impossible for Zimmerman to grab gun from behind him with his back on the ground while using the same arm to lock Martin’s arm against his legLaws of PhysicsDesign of the human body
12aMartin did not knock Zimmerman down and straddle him at the time and location Zimmerman claimed he did.Martin’s body was about 50 feet away from Zimmerman’s alleged attack point.Physical Evidence/ Zimmerman written statement of what happened
13aZimmerman stated the person yelling for help in the background of the 911 call was not him.(Sanford Police Department – Serino Interview Recording #6 (Part 3), 2012)

Table 14 The Deductions

The table below lists the events Zimmerman alleged happened and the evidence that supports or contradicts his description of the event.
IDEventEvidenceEvidence Supports Event
1Zimmerman ends non-emergency callYes
2Zimmerman heads to car7aNo
3Martin attacked Zimmerman at the “T” or dog walk intersection12aNo
4Zimmerman pulled Martin’s arms away from Martin’s sidesCrime scene photoNo
5Martin approaches and asks Zimmerman, “You got a problem?” 7a, 8a and the entire exchange depended on Martin approaching ZimmermanNo
6Zimmer said, “I don’t have a problem.”5No
7Martin said, “You do now.”5No
8Zimmer looked for phone5No
9Martin punches Zimmerman5, 1a, 2a, 10aNo
10Zimmer fell backwards onto his back from Martin’s punch9, 6a, 12aNo
11Martin got on top of him10No
12Zimmer yelled help several times when Martin would lift his hands from Zimmerman’s  mouth while he was on top of him1a, 10, 13aNo
13Martin said, “Shut the fuck up!” as Zimmerman tried to sit upright11No
14Martin  grabbed Zimmerman’s  head while he was on top of Zimmerman11, 5aNo
15Martin slammed head into concrete ground several times while he was on top of him14, 4aNo
16Tried to slide out from under Martin while yelling for help11No
17Martin covered Zimmerman’s mouth and nose.11, 1a, 2aNo
18Zimmer felt Martin reach for his “now exposed firearm “ while Martin was straddling him11No
19Martin said, “You gonna die tonight mother fucker!” while he was straddling Zimmerman11No
20Zimmerman grabbed gun while Martin was straddling him.11, 11aNo
21Zimmerman asked someone to help him restrain MartinMary Cutcher, Selma Mora, and Jonathan Manalo were the first three to the scene after Zimmerman shot Martin.  Zimmerman did not make this statement to any of themNo
22Zimmer shot MartinYes

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