Is Philando Castile Shooting Racist?

It is not good to rush to judgement.  Many saw the video of Diamond Reynolds live streaming the aftermath of her boyfriend, Philando Castile, being shot.  It is key to keep in mind that this is the aftermath.  We do not have all of the facts yet.

However, with the current high emotions over the shooting of black males, many will not wait for the facts and many won’t believe anything that will not support the belief that the cop murdered the man because he is black.  They will react based only on what they saw and prejudged.  Yes, it was very disturbing to watch a man bleed to death from gunshot wounds, but there is much we still do not know.

We heard the cop tell Ms. Reynolds he told the man not to reach for something or do something.  The cop had reason to believe the man might shoot him.  What were those reasons? How did the exchange between the man and the cop go before the shooting?  Why did the cop stop them in the first place?  Get these answers first and determine if they are reasonable.  The cop may be justified despite how it was portrayed on Ms. Reynolds’ video.  Let’s wait and find out.  We must not be quick to assume racism just because the cop and suspect are different colors.  This would be biased and you would be doing the same thing you accuse the cops of doing!

Two black men whom committed armed robbery is the reason the cop stopped Mr. Castile since he looked like a suspect to him.  Black men who commit crimes make it harder for all black men!  Rappers who glorify a criminal life style make it harder for all black men?  We already live in a world that is not fair.  Why stack the odds against you?

There are certain things all people must do to reduce the risk of getting killed by cop.  These things include not resisting arrest, not running away, not giving the cop any reason to think you might be reaching for a gun, not being associated with gangs, and not committing any crime.  This is just a fact of life like it or not.