Is Rachel Jeantel to blame for Zimmerman’s Acquittal?

No!  Jeantel told the truth regarding her conversation with Trayvon Martin on the phone and what she heard when Martin was attacked.    However, the prosecutor’s objective was to lose the case.  He told jurors Jeantel could be lying about what she said despite having facts showing she told the truth about these  two specific occurrences.  He did not present those facts to the jurors to show she was telling the truth.  Instead, he chose to have the jurors think she may be lying about what she said by pointing to issues not related to the night of the killing.  The prosecutors are to blame for Zimmerman’s acquittal.  Readily available evidence to show guilt of murder was withheld.

In fact, Jeantel’s testimony was NOT needed to get a murder conviction for George Zimmerman if prosecutors had revealed the readily available damning evidence to the jurors instead of choosing to throw the case.

Hold Sanford police and State of Florida accountable for covering up Zimmerman’s murder.

Read the ebook of facts for more detail.

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