Reducing Crime

For those in crime ridden neighborhoods, work with the cops and find out the type of crimes that are an issue and address those specifically.   If you don’t have a neighborhood watch program, start one.  There are many resources available to help establish an effective watch program.  If you don’t want to patrol the streets, peek out your window, use your cell phone to message your neighbor down the street.  Be creative.  Take photos and record videos of incidents.  However, I do not advocate testifying against criminals if you have a fear for your safety unless the cops can fully protect you.  Too often people don’t speak up because they fear the criminals coming after them.  If not that criminal, then related gang members or other persons.  Cops must find a solution for this.

Studies have shown that crime in communities is tied to socio-economic level.  Improve the socio-economic level of those in the community and the crime drops.  It has nothing to do with one’s race other than black people tend to be on a lower socio-economic scale than non-blacks.  Thus, you will see more crime in such communities.