Huntsville AL Black Lives Matter?

Apparently there are two separate Black Lives Matter groups in Huntsville, Alabama.  The group that gathered to show support for the police and the group that gathered to show support for the families of the young, black males who lost their lives.  There was a clear division.  One group met in one location and the other group met in another.  One group was organized by area ministers and police and attended by a few elected government officials whom marched to the Fallen Officer’s Memorial in support of police.  The other group was organized by grass roots organizations whom met at Big Spring Park in a vigil for the slain black males.  Both groups were peaceful, but had a different focus.

In anger, one young, Black man left the highly organized march by the police and ministers claiming it was staged and did not address the issue needing to be addressed.  He said he had been attacked by the police and was displeased the group did not address the core issues.

When I arrived at the grass roots organized event, I spoke with one of the organizers and talked about my book Accessories After the Fact: The Trayvon Martin Murder Cover-Up which is in printed format that will be released in a few weeks.  There is also one in ebook format, State of Florida v. Trayvon Martin: A Murder Cover-Up and Obtaining Justice, available now on my website  I went through the book explaining the information it contained.  My goal was to inform the people about its contents so they can use this information in achieving their goals.

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This grassroots group felt sincere to me and was inclusive.  There were black and white gathered together and holding candles for those all whom had been killed.  There was concern for the police whom had been killed and there was more concern about the problem that led to their killing and the killing of young, black males.

After I spoke with one of the organizers, he offered to tell the group about my book so they could obtain the information.  I was pleasantly surprised when he permitted me to address the group about my book.  The group was very receptive.  This is why I say the grassroots group was very sincere in their objective for being there and were very inclusive.

I highly doubt the group organized by the police and the ministers with government officials attending would have allowed me to speak to the people about my findings so they would know the information existed.  After all, my talk was about a murder cover-up by police and state law enforcers and how the citizens could begin to dismantle institutional racism.

I did get a chance to speak with state representative Laura Hall and several news outlets at the highly organized gathering.  I will follow-up my contact with them about my investigative research information about the Trayvon Martin murder.  I will see if they are as receptive as the grassroots organizers have been and if they are willing to help me get my investigative research information out to the people of Huntsville and ideally all of Alabama so it can be used to bring about the needed changes.  I will return with a follow-up to talk about the outcome of this effort.

The killing of Trayvon Martin started the Black Lives Matter movement.  If I am looking for a solution, I look to the source and cause of the problem.  For me, that started with the killing of Trayvon Martin so I looked here for answers and solutions and I believe others should too.  I have done the hard part.  The results are now available for all to read.

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