The Problem With Karma

karmaThe problem with karma is there is no such thing as karma. However, a belief in karma is useful for those who feel powerless to bring about the change they want. When they are unable to do it, they believe the universe or some God will do it for them. It helps them sleep better at night to believe justice is a natural fabric of the universe. Well, it is not.

An unconditional loving God is neither vengeful or judging you by your actions. He already knows about human nature since he created us that way. We were given free will which means we can do anything horrific or most kind. It is up to us. So, if God does not punish and the universe does not ensure justice what is left? You are left. It has always been about you. Your free will, your choice, and your ability to make change. God is not like the fairy tale Santa who checks to see who has been naughty or nice.

This is why a criminal justice system run by humans exists. It exists to mete out punishment. God does not take up the slack. Otherwise, if karma was real, there would be no need for a criminal justice system. The person would get his just due in time because of karma.

So, why am I saying all of this? I am saying this because too many people give up responsibility or the ability to take action by falsely believing karma will settle the debt. Some could call it a cop out. Certainly, it is very hard to acknowledge that punishment does not naturally come to those who do wrong. To acknowledge such is like removing a security blanket.

Look at serial killers for example, they kill again and again and again and again and again and so on and so forth. ONLY if they are caught will they suffer punishment. This is why slavery existed for hundreds of years because there was no karma. It was economic struggles between the north and south that lead to the slave being freed.

Many like to believe that George Zimmerman will experience karma for not being found guilty. FALSE! The universe or God will not be punishing or paying back Zimmerman. It is completely up to us as a society to protect ourselves from people who perform evil actions against us. We have the responsibility and duty to ourselves and our children to make sure Zimmerman cannot harm another child. We have the responsibility and duty to make sure those in authority who covered up Zimmerman’s murder of Trayvon Martin are removed from their government positions and punished. It is ALL ultimately left up to us. If the Justice department refuses to fulfill its duties, then it is time to start replacing people (a lot of them).

If we as a people do not settle for less, then those in authority will have to fulfill their duties or get fired and perhaps punished if there was obstruction of justice. Life is risk. Speaking up is risk. Writing is risk. There is always risk in pursuing justice because evil despises justice and right action and truth. Evil takes from life that is why it is “live” spelled backwards. It is against life.