Judge Tracie Hunter

Judge Tracie Hunter

updated Press Release August 8, 2019

First African-American juvenile court judge forced from the bench due to collusion by the Republican party and Republican court cronies.

Ms. Hunter Wrongly Convicted

Judge Hunter focused on rehabilitation not incarceration. She disrupted the school to prison pipeline for young black males. She stopped them from being shackled when entering court. She knew she could not save everyone; people are still ultimately responsible for their choices, even when given a second chance.

She did not fight the establised political process; she didn’t use the establismed political process. Ms. Hunter had no political background, no political connections nor a PR and media team. She ran based on her faith in God and knowing the people wanted proven change instead of rhetoric.

‘”What she wants to do is play by her own set of rules,”‘ said Scott Croswell, a special prosecutor. Ms. Hunter was a great threat to the old way of doing things. She was chosen by the citizens not the political party. Both political parties and Republican cronies and influential friends of the opponent she beat punished her because she didn’t do it their way! In addition, her disrupting the school to prison pipeline went against their plans.

This is the reason why she was doggedly targeted by the Republicans for 10 years and ultimately forced into jail as punishment and to show others not to attempt to change the old way of doing things. Yet, it was clear the old way of doing things no longer worked for the citizens who voted her into office.

The Republicans began the fight with Ms. Hunter in 2010 when she asked eligible votes be counted to determine the winner. Initially, the Republican candidate was declared winner. The Republicans had always held that judge’s seat. The Republican candidate and the Republican party fought this tooth and nail. After the final count, Ms. Hunter was declared the winner. Judge Hunter became responsible for managing $30 million. Out of greed, selfishness, and desire to maintain control, the Republicans conspired to force judge Hunter from her seat by any means possible. Ms. Hunter received little positive media coverage. It appeared the dominant newspapers had taken sides with the Republicans.

She did her best to endure this attack for 10 years. It’s amazing she has stood this long; a lesser woman could not. The day of her sentencing, her small frame got caught up in the shuffle and Ms. Hunter lost her balance. A deputy immediately grabbed her to pull her away from the chaos and ended up dragging Ms. Hunter out of the court room. Ms. Hunter did not resist the deputy. She went limp. She regained her strength in jail and began ministering to the women inmates.

As a black person, a woman and a pastor, she won because of her unshakable faith in God and her proven commitment to helping and protecting our children. Ms. Hunter worked as a juvenile advocate in the court room before becoming judge; she saw how unfairly young, black males were treated. She had proven herself. This is all the citizens cared about; this is all that mattered. Mothers and fathers voted for her over the endorsed political party candidates on the Democratic and Republican sides.

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