White Lies

How did George Zimmerman go free after murdering Trayvon Martin?  The State of Florida v. George Zimmerman trial was really The Government versus Black Males trial.  Prosecutors ignored the facts to insure injustice.  Some white lies are serious lies.  Some white lies change lives.  White lies can insure an innocent black child does not receive justice.  White lies can keep a murderer out of prison.


The prosecution did not tell the jurors the facts they had that proved Zimmerman lied about 99% of what he claimed Trayvon Martin did and that he lied about what he did as well!

The prosecution did not show the jurors the evidence proving Zimmerman injured his own head with his own gun!

The prosecution did not tell the jurors that Zimmerman was standing up when he shot Trayvon Martin!


NOW, you tell me this.  Should this prosecution team still be working for the government getting paid with the citizens’ hard earned money and having more opportunities to cover up more crimes or should it be behind prison bars for obstruction of justice in a first degree murder case?

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